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This story of a home exchange adventure to Sainte-Marguerite, Strasbourg, and Colmar was shared with us by an anonymous member.

1. Where did you go on your home exchange?

Sainte-Marguerite, Strasbourg, and Colmar


2. How did you find your exchange?

We were coming back from our holiday in Germany and we decided to make a stop in Strasbourg and Colmar, two incredibly beautiful towns in France.

3. What was it that attracted you to this exchange opportunity?

The conversation was very friendly. Our hosts really wanted to do their best to make our stay as comfortable as possible.

4. Tell us about your arrival:

When we arrived the host were on a trip but a very friendly neighbour gave us the key. The house was great. Very modern, nicely designed with a lot’s of space for the family of six. Two cats were waiting for us as well which was a bonus for our younger daughters.

5. What did you see or do during your exchange?

Our goal destinations were Strasbourg and Colmar, two pearls of France. The visits were really incredible. Although during the trip we visited ten European countries, our daughters chose those two places as the most beautiful. And they for sure were fascinating. One a visitor comes to Strasbourg he must be amazed by its ancient beauty. The squares of the city are great, the streets are so picturesque, la petite France is the nicest of France what you could see. The one tower cathedral is a must see sight. The portal will make everyone feel small in front of the house of God. If you like the gothic style you will certainly be able to see one of the most important European churches from that époque. The river and its bridges, parks, new architecture of European institution and above all formidable atmosphere in broad avenues will make unforgettable memories and provoke a wish to come back again.
We were lucky to have enough time to visit another precious town – Colmar in France there are so many historical sights making it impossible to say what is the most important, or most beautiful. The choice depends on a visitor. But for us Colmar was the nicest France, a fairytale that you have to see and feel. The town is loved but its inhabitants so much; one can see that wherever one goes. The facades of the houses are decorated; especially entrances of shops and restaurants withal kind of amazing decorations, the streets are turned in flower exhibition, even bridges are full of flowers decorating them in the same style. The city squares, stunning gothic church, beautiful parks this is Colmar full of tourist from all parts of the world coming to see that French beauty.

6. What is the favorite memory from your exchange?

Amazing nature of the National park Vosges.

7. How would you describe home exchange to your family and friends?

I cannot compare the stay in homes to conventional tourist accommodation at all. It is the completely different experience. We enjoy so much visiting other members’ homes and feel there like at home. All those details everybody has at home you cannot find in the hotel.

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