In July 2022, Olav and his family traveled to Norway for a vacation. With over 20 exchanges under his belt, they explored fjords, Norway’s beautiful and bountiful nature, and began a brand new friendship with their hosts. Below, Olav shared more of his experience with HomeExchange and his trip with us.

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What did you appreciate most about the home you stayed in?

The amazing view on a fjord and the city of Bergen (Norway).


What did you appreciate most about your exchange partner?

Such a friendly and nice family. We could be friends and we exchanged tips and they kept us informed about what they've been doing. We talked about a lot of other things as well.

What did you see or do during your exchange?

The amazing nature of Norway. Especially the fjords, but the mountains and waterfalls as well.


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What is one of your best memories or experiences from a home exchange?

We noticed that we liked each other and could be friends, just by talking, keeping each other informed about what we've all been doing, and giving good tips about what to do.

What would you say to your friends and family who are considering HomeExchange?

Just do it! Complete a profile, find an exchange and go for it. You will be in line for the rest of your life!


What tips and tricks would you give to new HomeExchangers?

Make a complete and nice information guide about everything in your house and what you want and don't want. Be nice, keep in touch with your exchangers, and leave small gifts or a meal so the exchanging family feels welcome right away.

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