Happy New Year! Now that 2022 has crossed over into 2023, it’s time to get ahead of the game and start planning your upcoming vacations for the year, and no matter what your New Year’s resolutions are, HomeExchange is determined to help you stick to your goals. Whether you’re hoping to budget more, travel more often, cross another country or city off of your bucket list, or be more eco-friendly, the HomeExchange community is here to help you fulfill your goals. Want to know more? We put together quotes from our members about why HomeExchange is a great way to travel in 2023.

Discover HomeExchange

“This is the best way to exchange. People on this website are very responsive and respectful while staying at your place. I no longer need to pay for a cat sitter when traveling as someone is staying at our place when we travel and accommodation is free of charge!” - Thomas


“It’s the best decision we’ve made as a family. We get to travel the world for a fraction of the price, and see things we wouldn’t ordinarily see.” - Lauren


“I am floored that more people aren't doing this. There is no catch! There is no downside! It's safe, free, well-organized, and exciting.” - Lisa


Travel with HomeExchange

“It allows you to feel like you are living in that neighborhood, even if just for a little while. We try to go to restaurants and places that the owners recommend during every exchange. It doesn't hurt to have enough bedrooms for your kids so that they don't fight in a hotel room. The cost savings are also amazing. We have done many more vacations, in many more far away places that we would not have been able to afford otherwise!” - Derek


“If you want to travel on a budget, the single best thing you can do is to join HomeExchange. Instead of spending your nights in cramped hotel rooms that cost hundreds of dollars per night, why not stay in someone's beautifully maintained home for absolutely nothing?” - Peter


“You get to meet so many interesting people where you can always learn something new. For example, our exchange partner in Krailling told me about her job that is quite interesting which doesn't exist in France. She does a form of natural healing, a mixture of acupuncture, massage and other sorts of healing.” - Aida


“I was a bit nervous about sharing my home at first but I discovered a whole new way of life. I can travel so much more and have met awesome people in awesome places.” - Beatrice


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Take a chance and spend 2023 enjoying a unique way to travel and find accommodations with home swapping. From the HomeExchange community to you, we wish you a happy and prosperous New Year with new adventures and unforgettable experiences.