Meet 10 Muslim travel influencers who are educating and inspiring on local and global travel, solo travel, and the Muslim travel experience. These travel influencers use their social media platforms and websites to share advice, tips, itineraries, and beautiful pictures that will inspire you to dream!

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Arabian Wanderess

10 Muslim travel influencers who will inspire you to travel | HomeExchange

Arabian Wanderess, run by Esra, is a travel blog for Muslim millennials. Esra is a London-based Saudi travel content creator who has been to 32 countries so far.

She writes, "Think of this blog as you friend telling you about her latest trip, but with more details (and photos) that you can use when you plan your next holiday. This blog is a proof that you do not need lots of money to afford to travel. It is a moderate approach to budget friendly and stylish travel. That is why I add the money aspect to my posts. I like my comfort, so I am not into extreme budgeting and backpacking." Check out her guide to Muslim solo travel here.

Hijabi Globetrotter

10 Muslim travel influencers who will inspire you to travel | HomeExchange

Kareemah, of Hijabi Globetrotter, shares Halal travel guides, tips, and experiences. Her website is a wealth of information and resources, including Halal eateries, Muslim-friendly countries, airports with prayer rooms, and mosques around the world.

She writes, "It seems like what I am doing is just a casual vacation but for me, this journey is bigger than that. My travel will help me see the world from a different perspective especially through the new language I’ll be acquiring. It will help the world understand what it’s actually like to be a Muslim in today’s century. In addition to changing perspectives, I want to show you that we don’t always have to wait for our 9-5 jobs to provide you an opportunity to travel before doing so." Check out her Houston visitors guide for Muslim travelers here.

Muslim Travel Girl

10 Muslim travel influencers who will inspire you to travel | HomeExchange

Elena, of Muslim Travel Girl, runs the go-to website for Western Muslim-friendly travel, helping Muslims find Halal travel destinations, plan DIY Umrah, and giving expert travel tips. She is also a wealth of information for affordable, budget-friendly travel tips.

She writes, "I have spent thousands of hours learning, reading and testing every travel hack possible so my readers can get full advantage of the offers available without having to do the work. I keep up with every single offer, promotion, and news related to the hotel and travel industry as well as the rapidly developing halal travel market." Check out her guide to budget travel here.

Muslim Travelers

10 Muslim travel influencers who will inspire you to travel | HomeExchange

Zain & Afreen of Muslim Travelers share the Muslim narrative through their travel experiences. Based in Houston, they have traveled to 55 countries and use their Instagram page to share their experiences and recommendations.

They write, "ALL Muslims are travelers, except the journey is inward. We journey into the channels of our mind 5 times a day through prayer, leaving behind the busy world and its worries, journeying into the deep caverns of our minds to cleanse ourselves of any attachments and expressing gratitude for our countless blessings. You can travel thousands of miles to a destination but no journey gives one more pleasure than the internal journey of prayer." Check out their Instagram page here.


10 Muslim travel influencers who will inspire you to travel | HomeExchange

Amanda of MarocMama travels with the goal of "helping curious travelers have delicious adventures!" The American mom lives in Morocco and travels the world. If you're looking for advice on traveling to Morocco, her website is a great place to start. Amanda also shares international recipes, travel experiences, lifestyle tips, and world travel stories.

Amanda writes, "Get tips, stories, and inspiration to have experiences outside your comfort zone as you explore Morocco and the rest of the world. Whether you’re traveling solo or have kids in tow, you’ll find honest, practical advice about non-bucket-list destinations around the world." Check out her guide to visiting Morocco with kids here.

Her Adventures With Him

10 Muslim travel influencers who will inspire you to travel | HomeExchange

Travel couple Maliha and Askari have traveled to 27 countries and aren't slowing down now— and they're bringing their followers with them for the ride. The couple has explored their home city (London) as tourists during the pandemic, and in normal times travel the world and share their experiences and money-saving tips.

They write, "It’s no secret that many of us may take the city or town we live for granted! and London is not a city you should take for granted. Moreover, due to the restrictions on international travel, it is a perfect time to pay attention to what is right at out door step." Check out their Instagram page here.

Sukaina Rajabali

10 Muslim travel influencers who will inspire you to travel | HomeExchange

Sukaina is a photographer, travel, entrepreneur, cancer survivor, and founder of She Travels Modestly. She speaks five languages and travels the world, taking her Instagram followers with her through her beautiful photography and way of writing.

Sukaina writes, "Being in the field of travel, I’ve had my share of negativity, obstacles, misconceptions. Mainly due the fact that I look different, I dress different. I am visibly Muslim, I am proud of it, I don’t say away from it. For those that wear the hijab, or anyone who is judged for the way they look or dress, here is my advice: Live life your way! you do YOU! You have this one life, block those words that don’t matter to you, that don’t align with your values." Follow her on Instagram here.

Rasha Yousif

10 Muslim travel influencers who will inspire you to travel | HomeExchange

Rasha is a documentary photographer who has been to 100 countries. She's passionate about documentary and travel photography, focusing on culture, architecture, and traditional ways of living. She chooses her travel expeditions to showcase less traveled cultural destinations.

Rasha writes, "2020 has been a year of many lessons. My biggest lesson is to expect the unexpected. I had many travel plans scheduled for the year but I ended up 7 months at home stranded in peak summer heat. Yes I wanted to travel but I also felt safe at home. 7 blessed months in Bahrain I enjoyed exploring, documenting and getting to know my country Bahrain again...Thank you 2020 for the forced stop and slowing down our days." Follow her on Instagram here.

Nada Al Nahdi

10 Muslim travel influencers who will inspire you to travel | HomeExchange

Nada has traveled to 41 countries, giving her excellent information to share with other travelers. On her website, she provides travel guides, money-saving advice, visa information, and photos and recommendations from her world travels.

Nada writes that her aspiration is, "to experience different cultures and way of life. To visit every country and witness the truth about them with complete disregard of the media speculation with very little budget." Check out her article
'How I Travel Without Breaking My Wallet' here.

Ayah Adventurer

10 Muslim travel influencers who will inspire you to travel | HomeExchange

Ayah's colorful, vibrant Instagram feed is sure to draw the eye and inspire you to travel. She has shared her trips to Mexico, the Bahamas, Iceland, and more, sharing motivation, information, and inspiration.

Ayah writes, "2020 was a year of RESILIENCE. We struggled with unexpected difficulties. We experienced many losses. But through it all we persevered. We remained resolute and tenacious. We grew and we thrived. We showed up for one another and for ourselves. If nothing else, this year has increased me in GRATITUDE. My normal life paused, presenting the opportunity for more self-care, reflection, and refocusing." Check out her Instagram page here.

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