From "living like a local" to welcoming people from around the world into our homes, HomeExchangers travel a little differently than most. But we wanted to find the most controversial, unusual travel opinions in our community, so we asked the HomeExchange team and members (on our Facebook group) to share their unpopular travel opinions. Here are 15 of the unpopular travel opinions held by home swappers!

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I don’t like organized vacations (a detailed plan of what we should see/do/when). I find it so much more fun and relaxing to go with the flow and explore areas based on feelings, tips from locals, and mood of the day. —Clémence

I hate Europe in summer! There. I said it. Love the other three seasons though. —Kirsty

Sunset in Burano

I’m not a great fan of paintings. Museums showing famous painting masterpieces are not of interest for me. This is like a language that I don’t speak. —Gwénaële

I don’t like water I can’t see through. —Deborah

I don't like snow and cold, but I'm exchanging in ski villages every winter for my wife and kids who love it. I would prefer to stay home or go to a warmer place like Canary Islands. —Etienne

I'm over massive cathedrals. —Jeff

Souvenirs- when someone says they have a Christmas tree decoration from everywhere they’ve travelled- nah. I’ve enough stuff and photos do me just fine for memories. —Gwen

I can’t understand the obsession with Disney theme parks. —Colette

I hate packing and unpacking. Can’t wait for teleportation to be possible. —Tanja

Hyped-up nature attractions where you have to wait hours in line for a selfie. Anything where you have to wait in line really- it is a total waste of precious holiday time. —Marit

Female taking selfie

I really don’t like palaces (although I love medieval castles). Thus I have been to Paris four times and never been to Versailles, and don’t feel the need to ever visit it. I am also not a big fan of nature destinations. Although I love nature itself, I don’t see myself traveling just to see an interesting nature feature. —Carolina

I love waiting more than 30 minutes to get an ice cream from the best ice cream shop of a city, I always feel it has a better taste after waiting so long. —Alice

Icecream rainbow

We love walking in markets where people buy real food, not trinkets. When we exchange we can buy real food from real people and take it “home” to prepare. —Jan

I like waiting in the airport to board my flight. After checking in and going through security, it’s one of the only times in life you are forced to just BE. You can read a book, grab some food, call a friend or family member. —Marina

I'm always happy to see babies and toddlers on planes, even if they're crying or kicking the back of my seat. I give props to parents who are willing to open their children's eyes to the beauty of travel early— even when it doesn't always go smoothly. —Lydia

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