Clicking “search homes” at HomeExchange is only the first step. Whether you are looking for a specific destination or wanting to explore, the search page is your best travel companion.

Sure, there are the standard options to consider, like where you want to go, how many GuestPoints you have available, and number of bedrooms and bathrooms you desire. But click on “more filters” and a whole world of possibilities becomes available to help you find your dream house swap. From contemporary to cozy, take some time to refine your search so you find exactly what you want to experience.

So, how do you make the search function work for you?


HomeExchange Search Features

Home Quality

Looking for verified homes, only want homes with pictures, or want to make sure you get a response by seeing homes with a good response rate? These options are found in the "quality" search section. Choose what's important to you!

As a side note, the "Response rate >80%" option is automatically checked when you begin your search, so uncheck that box if you'd like to see more home exchange choices.

Type of Home

Choose whether you prefer a house or an apartment, or someone's primary or secondary residence. If you have no preference, leave them unchecked!

Exchange Type

Pick from simultaneous (classic home exchanging), or GuestPoint exchange. Don't forget, you can select to filter second homes for a little more flexibility.

Amenities and Accessibility

From a jacuzzi to a fireplace to a cook to a garden – whatever you need to make your vacation a great one, you’ll find here. In the "accessibility" search section, you can choose to find homes with wheelchair access or that welcome children, pets and smokers, so you can make sure that everyone is able to join in on the trip.


Refine results to include members of the same groups you're in. Groups are open communities organized around different types of lifestyles. They give Members the confidence that they will be able to exchange with confidence and have fun while traveling. With the help of of groups, Members who use wheelchairs can rest assured that their home exchange is wheelchair-accessible, or families can easily exchange with homes that have toys for their kids. You can use your groups as a search filter! Whatever your passion, or soon-to-be passion, there’s a HomeExchange for that.

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