To all the dreamers who like to escape the time of a journey,
To all the impatient people who like to be in the heartbeat of a place as soon as they arrive,
To all the foresighted who take two pairs of shoes in addition ("you never know!"),
To all the anxious of the road, the curious, to those who want to act to protect our planet ...

There’s no doubt, the train is made for you.

By choosing the train, like home exchange, you say yes to a more sustainable tourism.

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Changing our perception of train travel


Traveling by train: a sacrifice?

Even if it is preferable to travel as much as possible by soft mobility (walking, biking, rollerblading, etc.) to go on vacation, we can only go so far. However, we tend to quickly choose a plane or car to get to our destination. But is choosing to limit our gas emissions by taking the train really a sacrifice? The answer is no, it’s quite the opposite !

Going around the world ... Without leaving France

The French regions (and their surroundings!) have so much to offer. Did you know that it is possible to travel around the world ... without leaving France? From the Colorado of Provence to the little Venice of the Alps, the change of scenery is guaranteed. We give you our tips here!

At HomeExchange, we think it’s not necessary to go to the other side of the world to spend a beautiful vacation. It is for all these reasons that we have decided to support our members in a more environmentally friendly approach by promoting the train and local regions.

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The train, a more eco friendly solution


Train Versus Car

Compared to the car, the train saves time and is more secure. It is proven that the number of accidents by train is much lower than by car (in 2019, 3,244 people lost their lives on the road compared to 32 on the rail network)*. So a Paris to Marseille trip in 3 hours instead of 8, with a nap on the way, isn't that tempting?

Did you know? The train can emit up to 50 times less CO2 than the car and 80 times less than the plane in metropolitan France.

Train versus plane

And what if we compare train to air travel? Of course, the plane is an important time saver, but think twice because that’s not always the case ...

Let's take the example of a trip from Paris to Barcelona :

By train takes you exactly 6h40. By plane, theoretically it takes you 1h45, but that's without counting the trips to the airport and the city center afterwards, as well as the time needed to check in before boarding. In total, count on 5h of your time to fly. The difference is not very significant anymore, is it?

On the other hand, the difference in gas emissions is not insignificant: 5.5 kg of CO2 emitted by train compared to 195kg of CO2 emitted by plane.

So all aboard! Sit back in your car 16, seat 42, window and let you take to your destination.  That's what vacations are all about!

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