Retirement age has finally arrived (or is fast approaching) and you’re looking forward to being able to make some time for yourself. Better yet, you’d like to use this free time to travel a little more, but without breaking the bank. So we’d like to propose a tempting option… What if exchanging your home with other retirees could be the solution? Find out why home exchange is the perfect way to travel for retirees, and discover 5 ideal vacation destinations that you can enjoy during this fantastic stage of life.

Consider swapping your home to fully enjoy your retirement! With HomeExchange, discover a unique approach to securing exceptional vacation accommodation that will allow you to save money while traveling responsibly.
How does HomeExchange work?

Home exchange is a great concept for retirees! Take a look at these key advantages…

Make savings so that you can travel more often, and for longer

Home exchange when you're retired to travel for longer and for less money.

When you think of home exchanging, the first advantage that comes to mind is undoubtedly the savings that can be made. With almost free accommodation, retirees can travel more often and for longer. And if your house swap also includes a car exchange, you can benefit from even bigger savings.

Furthermore, since retirees have the luxury of traveling outside of school holidays, you can also make the most of attractive prices on boat, bus and train tickets – book ahead to secure the juiciest savings!

The transition to retirement is accompanied by a drop in resources, meaning the economic aspect of a home exchange is not insignificant. We are also no longer bound by the leave constraints of our company, so we travel when we want. I started organizing my husband's retirement in advance, so we received three couples at our home while we were still working, then we stayed at their homes in our first year of retirement. We also found two more exchanges for the same year, which meant we had 2 whole months of vacation. And that was just in our first year of retirement!


Start traveling with HomeExchange

Home exchange to travel more flexibly

Home exchange to travel more flexibly when you're a retiree.

Retirement means you have no professional obligations – which also means you are now footloose and fancy-free! Once you are registered on HomeExchange, you will start receiving exchange offers from all over the world. And because you’re not tied to the regular 9-5 routine, there’s nothing to stop you from being tempted by an amazing offer to an unexpected destination – even if it’s at the last minute. The adventures you choose to embrace are entirely up to you!

“It’s very simple: we now have the time to travel. We’re also going to try long-term exchanges to better discover the other side of the world (we’ve been to Polynesia and we dream of going back there). We mainly do non-simultaneous exchanges, for more flexibility and to accommodate everyone. They’re simple as pie and we always have great experiences…”


Home exchange for solo travelers is also possible!

Homo exchange is also possible for solo travel.

If you’re wondering whether it’s possible to home exchange on your own, then the answer is a firm yes! In fact, we’d go as far as saying that traveling with HomeExchange is the ideal option  if you’re vacationing alone, as you’ll benefit from the safety and security of staying in a real home. Plus, your exchange partner will be happy to share their top hints for exploring their area, and may even be able to put you in contact with neighbors or friends.

Other options for making the most of solo travel could be to exchange with GuestPoints, (as by staying with second homeowners, you may have the opportunity to meet your exchange partners and spend time with them) or you could consider a hospitality exchange, in which your exchange partners host you in their home, while they are also staying there.

“We enjoy hospitality exchanges, as it’s a pleasure to share our region with our guests, or even spend time together, enjoying a good meal at a restaurant.”


Home exchange to make new friends

Home exchanging can lead to new friendships.

Home exchange is part of what we call “slow travel”. This is when you take the time to organize your vacation, discussing the details with your exchange partners and ironing out any glitches before you set off. A huge bonus of this is that through regularly writing to each other and maybe even calling each other or meeting up in person, bonds will sometimes be forged which might lead to lifelong friendships. It’s a delightful (and common) side-effect of house swapping!

Home exchange is an ideal accommodation solution for the whole family!

Home exchange is an ideal accommodation solution for the whole family!

One of the highlights of home exchanging is that you can take your children and grandchildren with you on vacation! It’s a fantastic opportunity to treat the people you love to a well-deserved break, and bring the whole family together. All you need to do is reach an agreement with your exchange partners about who they’re happy to accommodate in their home, and then announce the good news to your family. Just imagine your grandchildren’s joy when they discover another child’s bedroom (and toys) waiting for them in your exchange home!

“We are retired, but on our HomeExchange profile there are three of us in the photo, because our grandson often travels with us. We went to America for three weeks with a couple of friends and we also had a week to London with my son and my daughter-in-law. This year, during our three month trip to America, my son and my daughter-in-law came for 15 days in May, then my 21-year-old grandson stayed for 10 days in June, and finally my daughter and my grandson came for 3 weeks in July. It is a real pleasure to be able to allow our children to enjoy these wonderful moments with us. Since then, we talk constantly about these holidays :) ”


I want to go on a home exchange

Find the best destination for a home exchange between retirees

Discover Morocco

Discover Morocco. Home exchange for retirees.

Traveling to Morocco as a retiree offers the opportunity to experience a rich culture, varied landscapes, warm hospitality and fabulous gastronomy. The affordable cost of living and pleasant climate make it an attractive and peaceful destination if you're looking for a restful break.

See homes in Morocco

Enjoy Italy

Enjoy Italy. Home exchange as a retiree.

Italy has a vibrant culture and breathtaking landscapes – and there’s simply loads to see and do. Historic cities like Rome, Florence and Venice are full of artistic treasures, while coastal regions have a good range of relaxing beaches. Not forgetting its incredible cuisine, Italy is also renowned for its friendliness towards older visitors and families, while its well-developed transport network makes getting around easy.

See homes in Italy

Explore Costa Rica

Explore Costa Rica. Home exchange for retirees.

Head to Costa Rica, where exceptional biodiversity in a uniquely beautiful natural setting is waiting to be discovered. You can explore national parks, white sand beaches and impressive rainforests. The country's welcoming culture and political stability make it a safe destination. Plus, Costa Rica offers plenty of relaxing activities for retirees, including spas and natural hot springs – making this lovely country the perfect option for a peaceful and stimulating trip.

View homes in Costa Rica

Visit Greece

Visit Greece. Home exchange for retirees.

Greece offers the opportunity to discover rich history, ancient culture, majestic Mediterranean landscapes and exquisite cuisine. Archaeological sites such as the Acropolis of Athens and the Greek Islands are a must-see if you visit the country. Like most countries in the Mediterranean, Greece is also known for its pleasant climate, an extremely friendly population and its relaxing leisure options such as lounging on the beautiful beaches and enjoying nature via one of the many cruises.

See homes in Greece

Traveling in Thailand

Travel to Thailand. Home exchange for retirees.

Thailand boasts an intoxicating culture that’s enhanced by exceptional food and a great array of things to see and do. Magnificent Buddhist temples, bustling markets and heavenly beaches jostle for your attention, while the magnificent city of Bangkok begs to be explored. The cost of living is quite low, so Thailand is an excellent destination for a retiree, as your spending money will go much further. Thailand is also renowned for its Thai massages and spas, and you’ll find incredible hospitality: it's not called "the land of smiles" for nothing!

See homes in Thailand

Ready to try home exchanging?

Swap your home with HomeExchange

Swap your home with HomeExchange. 4 retirees chatting.

Exchanging homes between retirees offers several advantages: namely the most authentic, comfortable, flexible and pocket-friendly trips. And when you join HomeExchange, you’ll be part of a community where other retirees share your vision of travel!

Exchange your home and so much more: you can even agree to exchange your cars or your bikes. In short, home exchanging offers so many advantages that will allow you to save money, travel lighter, and get the most out of your retirement years!

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Join the HomeExchange “Seniors” group

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