At the heart of the HomeExchange community lies a key act of sharing that goes far beyond ordinary home exchanging: sponsorship. By encouraging your friends and family to join our great community, we are better able to build bonds of trust between our members – plus it’s a great way to get them involved in discovering the most human and responsible way of traveling, at an incredibly low cost. In this article, we’d like to tell you about the multiple advantages that sponsorship offers, both for you and anyone you’re considering inviting to join us.

How does HomeExchange work?

The importance of sponsorship for the HomeExchange community

The importance of sponsorship for the HomeExchange community.

When you encourage your friends and family to start home exchanging, you help make the HomeExchange community friendlier, safer and even more fun! Our wish is to keep building a committed and quality community, made up of members who join us with the objective of really embracing this great way of traveling.

Convincing your family, friends, colleagues and neighbors to start home swapping admittedly takes a little work. There’s inevitably going to be lots of explanations and answers to questions, and a certain talent for persuasion. But we know that our members do it with a lot of passion and conviction, which is why we reward you for your efforts, by offering you GuestPoints.

The GuestPoints system was developed by HomeExchange to allow you to organize non-reciprocal exchanges: you can welcome members into your home in exchange for GuestPoints, then use them to travel to the destination of your choice! ‌

GuestPoints offered in exchange for sponsorship are split equally between you and the person you choose to share your referral code with:
> 250 GuestPoints for you
> 250 GuestPoints for the person you have sponsored

Benefits for the sponsor

To thank you for sponsoring your friends and family, you get a bonus of 250 GuestPoints:

  • 50 GP when your friend completes their home listing
  • 200 GP when they activate their membership

You will also receive the HomeExchange referral badge which will be displayed on your profile. This helps give your listing more visibility, plus you can feel proud of the fact that you’re contributing to the creation of an engaged and likeminded community, that is based on trust.

Benefits for the sponsored person

To thank you for joining HomeExchange following an invitation from one of your friends, you will receive a bonus of 250 GuestPoints:

  • 100 GuestPoints when you complete your home listing
  • 150 GuestPoints when you pay for your membership

In addition, your profile will show that you have been sponsored, which enables other members to have more confidence in you, because they will know that you appreciate the values of our community. This will also make it easier for you to find your first exchange.

How can I sponsor people and receive GuestPoints?

Sponsoring your friends and family on HomeExchange is very simple:

Step 1

Log into your account, then go to the drop-down menu in “My account”, and click on “Refer your friends”.

Then click on “Invite your friends”. You will then immediately receive a code and your unique referral link. Alternatively, go to “My account”, and select “My profile”. Now scroll down to “Sponsor your friends” where you will find the option to copy your unique code.

Step 2

Copy your code or your unique referral link and send it to your friends and family in whatever way you prefer: email, Facebook, Messenger or X (formerly Twitter).
Anyone who creates their profile and home listing with HomeExchange via this link (or anyone who activates their membership) will be registered as your referral.

If you recently sponsored someone who joined our community, but don't see the relevant GuestPoints in your account, it’s possible your friend may have forgotten to use your unique referral link to sign up. Don't worry, we can help! Simply get in touch via our contact form, and we’ll get this sorted for you.

Sponsorship Questions & Answers

How can I invite my friends?

It's very simple: you just have to go to the "Refer your friends" menu in “My account”, then click on "Invite your friends" and share your code or your sponsorship link with them by email, Facebook, Messenger or X (formerly Twitter).

I have just referred a friend, when will I get my 250 GuestPoints reward?

You will receive 50 GuestPoints when your friend completes their home listing, and an additional 200 GuestPoints when they activate their membership.

What about the person I sponsored, when will they receive their 25O GuestPoints?

The person you have sponsored will receive 100 GuestPoints when they complete their home listing, then another 150 GuestPoints when they sign up for their membership.

How many friends can I refer?

You can sponsor up to 10 friends! You can therefore accumulate up to 2,500 GuestPoints as a reward: more than enough to arrange a great trip!

What is the sponsorship badge and how can I obtain it?

The sponsorship badge that appears on your profile helps give your home listing more visibility. It shows HomeExchange members your commitment to helping make the community friendlier, safer and better.

Your sponsorship badge will be automatically unlocked when one of your sponsored friends has created and completed their home listing and profile. This badge will then be visible on your home listing, on the right-hand side.

Can I organize an exchange with a friend or family member?

Organizing an exchange with a friend or family member is not permitted. The main point of HomeExchange is that we connect people who don't know each other, and would therefore never be able to arrange exchanges without the platform.

I want to sponsor my friends