Your process to find home exchanges is getting caught up in the frenzy: sending messages, finalizing a simultaneous exchange at Christmas, another one in February to go skiing, then two or three with GuestPoints to take advantage of the long weekends in May... Then you find yourselves a bit empty-handed, you’ve used up many of your GuestPoints with summer just around the corner!

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Discover our tips to hit the GuestPoint jackpot and finalize your exchanges without worry!

Host, Host, Host

The main way to get GuestPoints is, of course, to host other members of the community. In exchange for your warm welcome, you will receive the number of GuestPoints attributed to your home, multiplied by the number of nights your guests stay. These GuestPoints will be transferred to your account once the exchange is finalized on the site.

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Did you know that it is also possible to organize simultaneous exchanges WITHOUT GuestPoints?

Yes, GuestPoints are not automatic! Some members prefer to organize their reciprocal exchanges without using GuestPoints. This is a personal choice, which is very simply done by checking a button on your home page, after discussion with your potential exchange partner.

So, you don't necessarily need GuestPoints to finalize an exchange!

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Verify your profile

You can also obtain 200 GPs by becoming verifying your profile. This free service will allow you to have your identity and address validated by our team, and helps build mutual trust within the HomeExchange community.

In addition, verifying your profile also moves your house up to the top of the list when a member makes a search in your area. You can recognize members whose profile has been verified by the small blue tick that appears on their profile.

Refer your friends

Do you swear that home-exchanging is the best way to go on holiday and are you constantly recommending it to your family and friends? Go one step further and get 250 GPs for each loved one who joins HomeExchange and completes their profile and home description to 100% (valid for up to 10 people), after being referred by you.

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