Shai is a HomeExchanger who has completed many successful exchanges as a host and as a guest. With HomeExchange, she has traveled both by herself and with her partner. She was kind enough to share her experience home swapping and her time in Iceland, Sweden, and Belgium with us.

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What did you appreciate most about the home you stayed in?

My favorite exchange was in Iceland. As Iceland is one of my favorite places on earth, I was super happy to be able to stay in the house of a local. The apartment was super beautifully designed and it was very functional at the same time. I stayed there with my father, while we traveled around the country, and the apartment was perfect as it had two cozy rooms, with a beautiful living room and was located in a lovely small town.

What did you appreciate most about your exchange partner?

The exchange partner was very generous and flexible. In fact, she went to stay with her daughter for the weekend so that we will be able to stay in her house!


What did you see or do during your exchange?

We went to Iceland while the volcano was still erupting so by staying in our exchange we were able to see the volcano! We also did a beautiful hike to one of the highest waterfalls in Iceland. Both attractions were around 1-2 hours drive from our exchange location.

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What is one of your best memories or experiences from a home exchange?

Both as a guest and as a host, I love the feeling of respecting each other's homes, taking care of their houses, leaving the place nice and clean, and having the trust that we are all sharing our homes.


What would you say to your friends and family who are considering HomeExchange?

It's a great way to travel and enjoy different places! It gives me the opportunity to stay in special places while having the feeling of being local and it creates a sense of trust in people

What tips and tricks would you give to new HomeExchangers?

Make sure your guest knows that you had a nice time in their place. Make them want to host more people by leaving the place tidy. Don’t forget to give a little present to express your gratitude.


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