The summer holidays are approaching fast and this is the perfect opportunity to discover new activities and experiences. We have selected 5 original outdoor activities to do with the whole family, friends, or as a couple! Travel in France, Spain, Iceland, Vietnam or Morocco and enjoy!

1. Experience the thrill of bungee jumping

Saut à l’élastique depuis le pont de Chaulière dans le Var

There are a multitude of spots in Europe to practice bungee jumping, one of the most famous bridges remains Chaulière, located in the Var of France and stands 182 meters high. This is considered the highest jumping point in Europe! Thrill guaranteed!

Take the opportunity to discover the Province-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region in France by exchanging with our members:

Echanges de maison en PACA Provence Alpes Côtes d'Azur

2. Refresh yourself in the depths of a cave


Escape the heat of Spain with a trip to the underground cave, Valporquero, located in Castile and Leon. Let yourself be transported by water in an unforgettable excursion where you can explore the architectural wonders of nature and gaze at the artistic walls carved by waterfalls over time.

Perfect for children and adults in search of adventure and scenery. Our members living in Castile and Leon would be delighted to welcome you to one of their beautiful homes:

Echange de maison Castille et Leon

3. Go quading on the vast landscapes of Iceland

Parcourir les champs de lave en quad en Islande

Iceland is a country full of fascinating landscapes. It contains a combination of plains, valleys and snowy expanses of lava. Here, is precisely where our third activity lies: quading in these beautiful areas. This exciting adventure will allow you to enjoy the scenery in a fun and sporty way.

For further adventures in Iceland, we leave you in the more than capable hands of our Icelandic members:

Echange de maison Islande

4. Ever dreamed of riding an elephant? Now you can!

Ballades à dos d'elephant au Vietnam

The elephant is among one of the favorite animals in Asia due to its many qualities. It is also one of the largest mammals in the world. Fun fact: it has the ability to travel on narrow paths and steep terrain. It is very popular for walks in the forest and nature. In addition, its slow and rhythmic approach will give you time to enjoy the scenery around you for a very exotic trip!

Once the tour is complete, you can relax in the home of one of our Vietnamese members:

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5. Get a little carried away with kitesurfing

Kitesurf à Casablanca

Kitesurfing is not the first activity that comes to mind when travelling in Morocco. However, the country is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, which makes Casablanca a key spot for lovers of waves. The practice of this activity combines surfing and flying a kite while also allowing you to have a wonderful view of the coast and beaches of this beautiful country.

To give you a taste of this journey, here are the homes of our members living in Casablanca where you are sure to be welcomed:

Echange de maison à Casablanca

Which of these activities appeal to you the most?

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