Each of our Members have their own way of preparing their home for their upcoming guests. Some follow their homemade checklist, others prefer to hire someone to get their home "exchange ready". Whatever suits you best, here is a (reasonably) comprehensive checklist to prepare the house for your guests.

Let's find a home exchange first!

But before getting started, we want to be clear:

  1. Your home is not a hotel, and that's a beautiful thing. A home exchange is all about immersing yourself in the world of your exchange partner. That means letting your home shine in its best light is the thing that matter most.
  2. Preparing your home has a fun side effect; you get to enjoy the fruits of your labor long after your exchange partner's return home.
  3. This list is just a place to start. It is by no means complete and could be a little overly detailed for some.

Remember: A little effort goes a long way. This can be an intimidating list, in the end, it is all about making your exchange partner (and you) feel safe and welcome. Feel free to personalize and adjust the items based on your time and ability.

TIP: As you walk around and check that everything is in working order, bring a camera (or your phone) along with a note pad along with you. Including pictures in your "home manual" is a helpful way to demonstrate to your exchange partner how your home operates.

Doors/Street Access:

home exchange cozy living room

Whole home:

Living Room:

home exchange cozy bedroom


Closets and Drawers:


home exchange tidy kitchen


Cleaning Supplies:


Garage (If you give exchange partners access):

home exchange plants on display

Seasonal Decor:

I am ready for my next home exchange