Sharing is the core value of home exchanging. HomeExchangers share their homes and offer their hospitality and generosity everywhere in the world, and are very proud of it. Communication, trust, respect are the fundamentals of this community who love to travel and feel at home everywhere in the world.

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But during a home exchange, many members share much more than their homes. HomeExchangers want their guests to feel comfortable and explore their regions as locals, so they do their best to help them to enjoy a great experience. Bikes, tips, meals, pets, clothes...and much more!

What have you shared with your HomeExchange partners during your home exchanges? Read the stories of many members who have shared much more than their homes! And you will discover some unexpected and funny experiences!

What do HomeExchangers like to share at home?

I've shared my bikes, car and pets, my tips about the area and things my guests were interested in. When hosting guests I've shared my couch, wine, cheese, food, talks and laughs. And with one special home exchange friend I've shared my family. We visited with my parents and grandmother.” - José Nicola, HomeExchanger.
“We gladly share our car and bikes, and actually everything in the house. But our favorite sharing is meetings with our exchangers: a drink, a snack or a stroll together! Only happiness.” - Sophie, HomeExchanger.
I’ve shared my coats! I always tell people they can borrow our coats if it gets cool while they are in Sydney. Most of the year you don’t need a coat, and they take up space in a suitcase.” - Kathleen, HomeExchanger.
We often share our car, eggs from our chickens, and sometimes our bikes with our guests.  When the kids were little we also offered our little stroller and umbrella bed! But what we prefer to share most is a snack, a meal or an afternoon with our guests. “ - Mélanie, HomeExchanger
My bike is my daily means of transportation, my wings, my freedom. As a host, I gladly lend it and have always found it clean and shiny upon my return! As a guest, I loved sharing the fig tree and its harvest at Josiane and Emile's.” - Lili, HomeExchanger

HomeExchangers also share original activities

I shared an art workshop that I taught in my home studio with a home exchanger from Sicily. I arranged for my brother to take her out on his pontoon boat on a nearby lake. She didn't swim as she didn't want to put her feet down in the lake. She is used to the sea. I lent her a coat and hat when she went North up the St Lawrence to watch the whales off Tadoussac. Now she and I and two others, one Italian, an Australian are learning and teaching each other Italian and English one hour per week on a zoom call. Fond memories! Many thanks to HE for creating the circumstances to make such great friends.” - Shirley, HomeExchanger.
“Two great sharing pleasures that we have benefited from are permission to  enjoy raspberries from the garden (yum! ) at Muriel’s in the Dr ômeme, and access to rich libraries at Elisa’s in Brittany or at Marie-Lucie's in Marmande. What could make a more enjoyable stay!” - Claire, HomeExchanger.

How about sharing the nice local tips of their area?

alt What-HomeExchangers-share_Jayne, title What-HomeExchangers-share_Jayne Jayne, HomeExchanger

We love to share the natural beauty of our area with our HomeExchange guests and shopping tips because my husband tells me I'm a world class shopper! My favorites for experiencing The Palm Beachs include Everglades Wakohatchee, all of our natural beaches, Worth Ave, Sculpture Gardens, moonbathing, beautiful shoppes and outlets malls. Unique dining places. We also share tennis racquets, baketball, bikes, coolers, beach umbrella & chairs, plenty of bottled water, sunscreen, repellent for Everglades, binoculars for briding, gollf clubs, fishing rods, lots of books and upgraded wifi, andHBO premium channels for those rare rainy days Boynton Beach.” - Jayne, HomeExchanger.

Nothing better as sharing a good local meal with your HomeExchange partners

alt sharing-a-good-meal-with-HomeExchangers_Annatjie, title sharing-a-good-meal-with-HomeExchangers_Annatjie Annatjie, HomeExchanger

“I cannot even start! the blessings good friends and endless friendly follow up messages. And numerous others not on Facebook. How will I ever travel differently again?” - Annatjie, HomeExchanger.
“For me the most memorable is the sharing of a meal at the dinner table. I have hosted HomeExchange guest to dine with us and have been hosted. Most meaning full was a extended family gathering in honour of us with an Italian family. Not only did we eat a fantastic meal but we experience their parents and children and grandparents and family friends. Amazing and priceless” - Lisa, HomeExchanger.
In Greece, our hosts welcomed us with a delicious Moussaka shared together. During our time there, we took care of their 66 tomato plants, as we came in the middle of the season. Fortunately our host's brother stopped by from time to time to harvest the tomatoes, since we couldn't keep up!” - Danielle, HomeExchanger.
“I share volontier specialties from the region that are not so well known to change the traditional tapenade” - Anna, HomeExchanger.

Did you like these testimonials? HomeExchange let you live great experiences and make friends all over the world. Don’t hesitate and join the sharing world thanks to HomeExchange!

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