It's February and...Valentine's day is around the corner! Every year, thousands of lovers desperately search for the perfect gift for their partner. This year, intead of the typical flowers or chocolate, surprise your partner with a fun romantic Europe with HomeExchange.

Weither your home exchange or use our GuestPoints system, you can save money on accommodations and treat yourself and your valentines to a fun long weekend getaway... in EUROPE!

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The five most romantic cities in Europe:

Prague, Czech Republic

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Our first choice for the most romantic cities is Prague, the city of lovers.
In the historical center around the castle, where the hands of the clock no longer turn, you feel as though time stands still. You can’t miss the “Gold Street” where the roofs are so low you can touch them and the sides of the houses are painted a rainbow of colors. At one time this street was inhabited by the alchemists of Prague who were trying to produce gold for King Rodolfo I.

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Rome, Italy

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Rome is by definition the most romantic city, and it merits a visit.
This capital is one of the most fascinating in Europe; it’s perfect for a romantic weekend away. The monuments, neighborhoods, Italian cuisine, and atmosphere will make your Valentine’s Day one to remember. You can’t miss watching the sunset from the Coloseum, it’s an indescribable sight.

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Budapest, Hungary

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If you’re limited by budget constraints, Budapest is for you!
Called the Paris of the East, Budapest is known for its elegant buildings, city parks, and the bridges that connect Buda to Pest across the Danube. This city offers many local bars and restaurants bordering the Danube with beautiful views of the river and its bridges.

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Lisbon, Portugal

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What makes Lisbon one of the most romantic cities in Europe?
The Seven Miradouros (Viewpoints) that encircle Lisbon offer an amazing vantage point over the city, and in the ancient Alfama neighborhood you can treat your love to a candlelight dinner in one of the picturesque sidestreets. Try home exchange to experience all the wonders of this city!

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Copenhagen, Denmark

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Known for it’s canals and charming architecture, this northern seaside paradise definitely merits a mention.
Windowshop while strolling along down Strøget, Copenhagen’s pedestrian-only shopping street, rent a tandem bike, buy a bottle of champagne to drink along the water… There is no end to the romantic activities this city holds for you!

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