Since the COVID-19 pandemic, many jobs have shifted to hybrid or remote positions, and many workers and employers haven’t looked back. With so many people working remotely, the opportunity to travel more has opened up, with many workers planning working vacations so that they can travel longer. These trips involve people saving vacation days by signing in to work from their vacation home, across the country, or from abroad.

So, if the idea of taking longer vacations and saving vacation days sparks your interest, check out our tips for planning a productive and fun working vacation.

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Alert co-workers and other necessary people beforehand


Even though you’re going to be working while traveling, it’s important to make sure that your boss, co-workers, clients, and other necessary people know that you’ll be away from home or even on the other side of the world when you work. This allows them to push meetings up before you leave, push them back so that you can meet after you return, or change the time to allow for time differences between them and your destination. And speaking of time differences… Make sure to make proper adjustments to your schedule to account for them so that there aren’t any mix-ups.

Decide what your work schedule will be


This is particularly important when working across time zones. While planning your working vacation, ask yourself what your working hours will be, and what time zone you will be working in. Will you be working your regular hours, regardless of the time difference? Or will you be working normal working hours (like 9 AM to 5 PM) in your destination, despite the possibility of them not lining up with your company's? What will that mean for your team, and will normal meeting times need to be adjusted? This is something you will want to consider and to discuss with your manager to see what will work best for you and for your team.

Choose a time to travel when it’s not too busy at work


Even if you plan a perfectly productive working vacation, you still may run into roadblocks that can impede your workflow. Slow WiFi, odd working hours, or last-minute changes to your itinerary can all impact not just your work, but your team’s as well. That’s why even if you’re planning on working while on vacation, it may be best to pick a time when things aren’t so hectic at work. Not only will you be making things easier for your colleagues, but you won’t have to stress out about getting everything done and meeting deadlines, leaving you with more time and energy to enjoy your travels stress-free.

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Find a good workspace


One of the most important elements of working from home is to have a dedicated workspace. This could be a couch in a quiet room, outside on the patio, or in a home office. If you’re traveling with HomeExchange, you can find like-minded remote workers through our Working Remotely group, or you can click on “Remote Friendly Homes” on our homepage to find a selection of places that will fit your needs.

Make sure you have reliable internet access


One of the most important parts of working remotely is… Well, having the ability to work remotely from anywhere in the world. This means that reliable internet access is a must for digital nomads or traveling remote workers. Make sure that your accommodations have access to the internet, or you can find a coworking space like WeWork and rent out an office, or carry around your own hotspot. Cafes can also be great sources of WiFi, but if that will be your main way of logging on, you might want to have a backup in case it closes or changes its hours unexpectedly.

Maintain your work-life balance


While it’s true that you’re planning a working vacation, make sure that you don’t forget the second part of your trip: the vacation. Make sure you maintain a work-life balance while “working from roam” and put aside plenty of time to explore the area around you. Take a weekend trip, go for a run in a nearby park in the morning, or eat dinner at a local restaurant after you sign off for the day. Remember that it’s just as important to make new, work-free memories while working abroad.

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With these tips, we hope that you'll be able to plan the ultimate working vacation while remaining relaxed and productive. Of course, don’t remember to take time for yourself and spend time exploring your new surroundings in between meetings and deadlines - You won't regret it!