We love hearing about you and your great HomeExchange experiences. You, and every other Member, are an important part of the community, and we want to show it to the world!

And who can better represent HomeExchange than you? We would love to feature your authentic and real photos on our platform, so please don’t hesitate to  send a nice photo of you in your home or  during one of your wonderful exchange experiences.

Help us build a warm and welcoming platform and let’s show the real HomeExchange community to the world!

What type of photos would be great to send us?

We are looking for “real” photos. We would appreciate a photo of you in front of or inside your home, showing real life moments. We love authenticity so... how about a photo of you cooking in your kitchen, playing with your kids or just reading a book and relaxing in your living room? We want you to be yourself in your home!

We also invite you to send a photo taken during a great exchange which you have nice memories of. But if you do so and have pictures of the inside of your host’s home, please make sure you have their permission to use photos from their home for privacy reasons.

Here are some recommendations for your photos:

  • We prefer horizontal photos and please send us the best quality of the picture that you have  to be sure that we can use it.
  • We would love to see you and/or your happy family in the photo.  
  • But it’s not necessary for you to be in the center of the image! We prefer photos with a large framing and that are spontaneous.
  • Be aware of the lighting: we love clear photos with warm and bright colors.

Ready? Get your camera out and upload your super photos on this Typeform. We will be very happy to receive them!

As always, thank you for contributing to the community and making HomeExchange what it is today!

Remember that by sending your photos, you authorize HomeExchange to use them in our web, blog, newsletter and social media channels (including sponsored content).

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