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Ask questions and get feedback from some of our most trusted and experienced members, the GuesttoGuest Ambassadors.

Who are HomeExchange Ambassadors?

The HomeExchange Ambassadors are home exchange experts and active members of the HomeExchange community. With several successful home exchanges competed, our Ambassadors can answer most of your questions and concerns regarding a home exchange. From questions like “how do I find a home exchange?” to “how do I contact other members?”, or “Should I take insurance”, these wonderful volunteers have done it all.

“As we are already active members of the HomeExchange community, we understand the issues and concerns you may have…and we can help you address them!” Jennifer, HomeExchange Ambassador

How to ask an Ambassador for assistance?

Everything you need is just a click away on the HomeExchange website! You don’t even have to be a member to get help from our Ambassadors! Look for the red button at the bottom left of every page labeled “have a question?”. Simply click, write a short message with your question and in a few minutes, one of our ambassadors will answer you.We are almost always available to guide you and advise you, about your experience on the HomeExchange website.*” – Etienne, Ambassador HomeExchange!

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How to join the Facebook Group?

To join the HomeExchange member Facebook group, search for “Home exchange – HomeExchange” in Facebook or just click on the link below and ask for permission to join the group. An administrator will accept your request shortly.

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How to get feedback on the Facebook Group?

How to share your home listing to find and entice potential guests? Once logged-in to your HomeExchange account, move your mouse over your profile picture at the top right side of the page, a drop-down menu you will appear, then select “My home” and then select “View the listing” just above the menu on left side of your screen. You will be taken to a screen that lets you view your home as another member would. At this point, all you have to do is copy and paste the URL of your listing from this screen view.Remember: make sure you have the correct URL by checking that it does not contain the word “edit”. To share your home exchange stories with the community write your story as a post to the group and add pictures or videos. You can also share tips and recommandations.

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