Start Planning Your Family Holidays and Don’t Miss Out!


Take advantage of long weekends

Long weekends are meant to take advantage of! There are many places to explore close to home and with home exchange, it makes things a whole lot easier for you. Contact different people and arrange an exchange so you can enjoy a weekend getaway with your family!


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Update your calendar

Don’t forget to update your calendar! If you would like host members at your home you can select “Guest Wanted” or “Available” periods on your calendar. “Guest Wanted” periods let’s other members know that you want to host and that you want GuestPoints. “Available” periods let other members know that you are potentially interested in hosting or exchanging.

In either case, updating your calendar is a great way to receive requests and discover new travel destinations you might never have considered. So update those calendars and let the requests and GuestPoints roll in.


More GuestPoints, More Travel, More Memories! 😊

Home exchange

The best family memories come from new experiences and new adventures! HomeExchange makes these travel memories a reality by giving you access to over 350,000 members from around the world. Use your GuestPoints to do an amazing exchange and take your family on a weekend getaway. Take advantage and book your next adventure!


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Book your summer vacation

There is always a peak of exchanges in the summer. Start looking now for the perfect home, perfect pool, or perfect location before it is too late! By looking in advance, you can beat the rush and find exactly what your dream holiday home. Be smart, exchange now!

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