Solo travel is gaining in popularity, with more people choosing to explore the world on their own— including HomeExchangers. Approximately one in four people travel solo, and the majority of them are women: in fact, 72% of American women are taking solo journeys, a study found.

With HomeExchange, solo travel is more welcoming and safe than ever. Members have the opportunity to live like a local, form relationships and get travel tips from locals, and have a network of other hospitable travelers around the world.

Solo travel stories: Independent world travel experiences from HomeExchangers

More people are realizing they don't need a significant other, best friend or children with them to see the world. Don't put the items on your bucket list on hold, you can make them happen now (but make sure to be safe as a solo traveler).

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Some of the reasons people choose to travel solo are because they want to see the world but have no one to go with, they want to do things on their own schedule during a trip, or they have different interests from friends and family, according to Solo Traveler.

Traveling alone can also be empowering, enlightening, and rejuvenating. The independence you have when traveling alone is second to none. The experience of traveling alone, problem solving, learning new skills can stretch you as a person. You'll learn you're capable of more than you imagined and gain self-confidence and pride as you navigate a different culture on your own.

Solo travel experiences from HomeExchangers

Solo travel stories: Independent world travel experiences from HomeExchangers

Here are stories from HomeExchangers who travel solo. Get inspired by their experiences and start planning your own solo summer trip!

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"I live in Ireland & did a solo exchange in Vancouver - turned into a 2-month trip - it was the best holiday ever. Travelled solo to Alaska, Seattle, Whistler & every inch of the beautiful city of Van. Met some great people- if doing solo you need to plan well in advance, I always choose a town/city with good transport, plenty adjacent houses & English speaking unless you can speak local language - really recommend it!" —Geraldine

"I went on a solo journey for 6 weeks. I am thankful I was able to work remotely and had the opportunity to travel to a destination I'd never been to and always dreamed of exploring. I also chose Hawaii due to their low COVID-19 cases. I started on the big Island of Hawaii, then Kauai and finally Maui. All islands were beautiful in their own way.  A big thank you to my hosts and the Home Exchange program or my dream trip would not have happened. I love [HomeExchange] and it has changed my life and the way I travel!" —Denise

HomeExchanger Denise

"I have done one before the quarantine in Royan and one coming up in August in Morocco. I usually travel alone and meet a lot of people where I go. Some of them are now friends and kept in touch." —Farida

"Although I've been exchanging 9 years and have done over 30 exchanges and more hosting, this was my first solo exchange trip. I loved every minute of it! This exchange family was so warm and wonderful." —Jose

HomeExchanger Jose
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