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Visit Paris any time of the year. The city’s beauty will strike you from every corner, with its elegant architecture, iconic monuments and a subtle combination of art, history, culture, gastronomy, and fashion. If you are visiting Paris for the second or third time, you’ve probably visited all the mainstream attractions. However, there is always more to see in this city of lights. Herein lies some of the best offbeat alternatives to indulge yourself in, whether you are a seasoned traveler or first-time visitor.

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1. Incredible Panorama of Paris

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I am sure you have the best pictures taken with the Eiffel Tower by now. But have you tried taking one of those postcards pictures for your friends or family? If not, get going to the Montparnasse Tower. It is said that the tower’s observation decks enjoy the most beautiful views of Paris. It is one of the tallest buildings in Paris with a modern architecture realm. What’s more? There are no long queues and if you don’t want to pay for the viewing platform, head straight up to the bar on the 54th floor and get a free view with a great cup of coffee. I highly recommend going there at dusk to catch the most picturesque view of Paris. You can watch the city glow under the moonlit sky with the Eiffel tower twinkling like a star and capture your postcard panoramic moments.

2. A slice of Paris

If you are a foodie this is a must do in Paris! It’s a secret Montmartre food tour organized by Secret Food Tour Paris (SFT). The food tour starts in Montmartre, one of my favorite places in Paris. A scrumptious three hours with an unforgettable finishing touch, we sampled a variety of baguettes, an array of delicious cheese, French wine and piquant meat. It doesn’t stop there, the sweet tooth kicks in with French desserts, macaroons, chocolates, crepes and more. Our charismatic guide Emma knew all there is to know about the French culinary history and served every story with a hint of humor. When you think you’ve eaten for a month like you would do for Christmas, you’re highly mistaken. You will be escorted to their beautiful private dining space amidst their wine cellar for dinner. Make sure you have some space left in that tummy for more cheese, meat, and wine. Sometimes we live to eat not eat to live. Bon Appetite!

3. Drink, Eat and Ping Pong

All of us enjoy grabbing a drink with a friend but have you tried having a drink and playing ping pong with your friend? If you are someone that loves trying new things off the beaten track, then Gossima Ping Pong Bar is the place to go. The bar is buzzing with locals, with yellow balls flying in the air and two floors of glowing ping pong tables. Go in, order a drink, reserve a table and start ping pong with your buddies. The bar is brimming with life throughout the evening and it’s hard to get out without making new friends. If you are not the kind for the crowd and want someplace quiet but still play ping pong, Gossima Ping Pong has you covered with a private room and a bar all to yourself. What are you waiting for? Roll up those sleeves and go ping pong!

These three suggestions barely scratch the surface of things to do in Paris!

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