We love it that people enjoy our city and home as it gives us an appreciation that we might otherwise not have had. We also feel very grateful for the friendships we have made.

What country are you from?

United Kingdom

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What were some of your biggest fears when hosting another member?

We were a little worried as to where we might store our personal belongings. We also wondered if our home was good enough and of if our town was of enough interest to visitors.

How did you overcome this fear?

We added a lock to our small bedroom and used it to store our computer and important personal belongings. We exchanged at first with someone from our own country who knew our town and liked it and who'd expressed a liking too for the style of our home.

Have you hosted members from different countries?

Yes, from the UK, France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Spain.

Tell us about a memorable experience with a guest...

We shared a wonderful afternoon in our garden when we met our Dutch hosts at the end of our exchange. We exchanged our experiences 'living each others lives' and found we had a lot in common. We have become great friends and now exchange every year at the same time.

How do you prepare your home for your Guests?

We leave a map and folder of hints and tips about both our home and our surrounding area. We also leave a welcome note, basic provisions in the fridge and a small food hamper.

What did you realize after you hosted for the first time?

We realized that it's easy! We also like how kind and generous it encourages us to be.

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