We love to let our guests experience Barcelona from a local's point of view. Anyone can visit Barcelona for 3 days and stay in the city center, but how many people can experience the real Barcelona? We offer them (we believe) helpful advice to love our city as much as we do.

What country are you from?


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What were some of your biggest fears when hosting another member?

Our biggest fears were that our guests would steal from us or damage the whole house. Leaving our house to strangers the first time felt very weird.

How did you overcome this fear?

We paid for the Membership so there's a guarantee included. That helped us relax. We've also been to other people's house so we ultimately wanted to think that our guests would treat our house the same.

Have you hosted members from different countries?

Yes! From France, Canada and Russia so far! We're preparing a HomeExchange with members in Argentina at the moment and looking for a nice place to exchange houses in June 2020.

Tell us about a memorable experience with a guest...

We designed a booklet with tips and thought they wouldn't read it, but there was a family that followed all our tips! (and kept writing us on WhatsApp showing us that they were following our recommendations) it was so fun!

How do you prepare your home for your Guests?

We make sure that our house is clean, we have the homemade guidebook, we offer them water/oil/salt/soup and leave the towels prepared for them. We want to make them feel at home.

What did you realize after you hosted for the first time?

We liked hosting our first guest but to be honest we had some trouble because our sofa was damaged and, of course, our guest didn't want to claim fault. Now, after 3 months, it is being solved.

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