Our family loves learning of the cultural components as well as the natural wonders of an area. In the end, it is quite fun telling of our journeys, telling of the people we swapped with, and sharing our beautiful home with a like-minded family.

What country are you from?

United States

What were some of your biggest fears when hosting another member?

Our biggest fears include coming home to a messy/ damaged home. Another is arriving to a home and being deceived that the home does not exist. Lastly, our cars. again, worry about damage.

How did you overcome this fear?

We have overcome these fears by using FaceTime to communicate with them in person so that we can see their home and see them face to face. Regarding insurance, we have contacted our agent and requested that our exchange partner do the same.

Have you hosted members from different countries?

Iceland, Sweden, Ireland, Canada

Tell us about a memorable experience with a guest...

Our exchange partner, Maria, from Iceland was a tourism and travel specialist in Reykjavik. Many months, if not a year after we exchanged, we saw that she was interviewed by the New York Times for an article on travel to Iceland. It prompted us to reach out to Maria to say hi, converse about the article, and get an update on their lives.

How do you prepare your home for your Guests?

We prepare our home as though it is a bed and breakfast. It is left with a guidebook to the area, usually a bottle of wine and a variety of local beer, and a nice gift made by a local artisan.

What did you realize after you hosted for the first time?

We realized this is the only way we ever want to travel. It was amazing to realize how kind people are when you open your home to them and how special traveling with a young family is.

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