Hrvoje tells us about his families trip to Padua, Italy and the surrounding regions.

How did you find your exchange?

I contacted the other member in search of an exchange.

What attracted you to this exchange opportunity?

We have two small kids, so we searched for a place that is not too far from our home. We looked in the region around Padua, Venice, and Vicenza, as it was perfect for us. We sent several requests for exchanges and our host Giovanni was the first to get back to us with a positive response, so we chose his home.

How was your arrival at the home?

When we arrived our hosts greeted us and gave us the keys. They also told us everything we needed to know about the region and the city. They also gave us small homemade gifts like tomato pesto and honey candies.

What did you see or do during your exchange?

Every day we went to a different place and saw different things. One day we visited the walled city of Cittadella, a chess city of Marostica. We also went to the mountain region and toured the city of Bassano del Grappa.  At the end of our trip we went to Venice.  We of course spent one day visiting Padua, the city where we had our home exchange.

What is your favorite memory from the exchange?

The best part of our whole trip was when we visited Sacrario militare del Monte Grappa that is a little north from Bassano del Grappa. From there we enjoyed the beautiful landscapes and mild climate because at 1770m.

How would you describe home exchange to your family and friends?

Like always, it's a wonderful experience and we definitely recommend everybody to try home exchange.

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