This is the lovely story of a home exchange on boathouse in Surrey, UK, shared with us by Yvonne & Mike.

Yvonne making tea in the Boathouse.

We’ve always been fascinated by tiny living, and particularly houseboats and camper vans. On trips to the Netherlands, we’ve found ourselves gazing lovingly through portholes imagining an alternative and simpler life. So, when Mike and I were offered a 3 night stay on a houseboat in Surrey, UK through HomeExchange, an hour away from our home, we jumped at the chance.

Mike reading in a boathouse.

The first thing we noticed as we boarded our weekend floating home was just just how peaceful it was - just the barely perceptible lap of water against the hull and the early spring bird song.

The second thing was how spacious and airy the boat was. The big open-plan living area with a full kitchen, a double bedroom, and a bathroom with a proper shower was every bit as good as the pictures had promised.

State-of-the-art bathroom.

We set down our bags, had a cuppa to settle in and then meandered along nearby country lanes to stretch our legs and get our bearings. That evening, contentedly full from a home cooked meal and lulled by the gentle rocking of the boat we slept soundly and deeply.

Next morning, we were greeted by the sight of swans paddling by and a deep mist rolling across the still water. It all felt very magical. After a cooked breakfast we sat on the deck while deciding where to go for the day.

Hampton court and Windsor were both close by and with the predicted good weather we decided they'd be our destinations for the next 2 days.

On the third day we'd stay local to walk the canals and try out the local pub and restaurant. All in all our stay exceeded our expectations and again we felt that familiar happy feeling we get each time we use HomeExchange.
What we enjoyed even more, as we used GuestPoints, there was a lot less to organise before our departure, so it was even easier than usual!

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