By Victoria Ortiz

Major sporting events unite people around the world. Whether high-fiving best friends or strangers in neighboring seats, spectators at live tournaments collectively become a force in ways that television just can’t capture. Amid a sea of painted faces, caught in the waft of bargain beverages and failed deodorant, it’s hard not to get into the team spirit.

Find a home exchange near the Olympics


Nothing stirs national pride like the Olympics, which debuted in South America for the first time this August, followed by the Paralympics in September. Over 200 flags will wave during the opening ceremonies, followed by weeks of premier athletes competing for gold in everything from synchronized swimming to the introduction of rugby union.

Given enough advance planning, finding lodging in an Olympic city like Rio de Janeiro need not involve scrambling for limited and overpriced hotel rooms. Instead, check out the HomeExchange Listings (like our nearly 200 Listings in Rio de Janeiro). You could be a few clicks from practicing Portuguese with a neighbor over a bowl of açai.

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In the northern hemisphere in summer, there are plenty of opportunities to cheer renowned cyclists. This year, from August 20-September 11, a blur of color will trace the route of the Vuelta a España up and down 10 Pyrenees mountain passes and into the final stretch in Madrid. Some of the same athletes will have tested their merit on the Giro d’Italia and Tour de France, which, along with the Vuelta, comprise cycling’s prestigious, 21-day Grand Tours. Before taking a position by a racecourse guardrail, you can spend the morning savoring a pastry and café at the bakery a block from your HomeExchange home.

Find a home swap near the U.S. Open


Across the Atlantic, thousands of spectators will keep New York’s Arthur Ashe Stadium jumping from August 29-September 11 for the U.S. Open. Only the intense volleys of tennis balls moving at 160kph (100mph) can spark the collective quiet. This annual competition is one of four Grand Slam tournaments held worldwide, and the only one in North America – the others are Wimbledon (in London), the French Open (in Paris) and the Australian Open (in Melbourne). While the neighborhoods hosting the U.S. Open in the New York City borough of Queens may be packed with visitors, consider saving your dollars and headaches by finding nearby places accessible via public transit (like these 1,300+ Listings in the greater NYC area).

Home exchanges near England's Premier League games


For footie (soccer) fans, especially anyone who hopes to see another underdog miracle, England’s Premier League returns on August 13. Last year, Leicester City won the tournament after beginning with 5,000-to-1 odds, a feat that some consider the greatest sporting upset in history. Following on the heels of EUFA in France, Premier League will keep “the tele” tuned to football through May. Browse through our 1,000+ Listings in England to find the ones closest to your games.

Home swaps close to the Ryder Cup


Fore! Golf enthusiasts are patiently awaiting the 2016 Ryder Cup at Hazeltine National Golf Club in Minnesota, USA. Every other year teams of talented golfers from the U.S. and Europe compete in this tournament. This year, the battle on the links takes place from September 27-October 2, but the race for lodging has already begun. Find your HomeExchange opportunities among our Listings in Minnesota.

Travel to your favorite sporting event with HomeExchange


No matter which jersey you wear or what equipment you use, HomeExchange can help make the transition from armchair to arena and back again both familiar and easy. With homes around the world from which to choose, you can get comfortable, save money and feel like a native at the next game. So stay in and blend into the locals’ neighborhoods. Walk to the game or hop on public transit with a crowd wearing your team’s colors. Spend your money on tickets, not lodging. What better place to celebrate a victory or nurse a loss than on your very own veranda?

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