Meet these amazing LGBTQ+ travel influencers who are educating and inspiring on local and global travel, safety tips, and destination guides. These travel influencers use their social media platforms to share advice, tips, itineraries, and beautiful pictures that will inspire you to dream!

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Couple of Men

Karl and Daan at @coupleofmen are a German-Dutch gay travel blogger couple based in the Amsterdam. They blog about traveling the world together, posting educational content including gay-friendly hotels, gay pride trips, and destination guides in many countries.

They write: "We as openly gay travelers are proud of who we are. We like to focus on gay rights, equality, and judgemental free minds. We think it is important to support the gay community worldwide. Our profession is to collect authentic and gay-friendly proofed travel info which we then love to share through written, visual, and social media content. We are the gay couple travel bloggers Karl and Daan and we invite you to find out how to travel the world as we do: open-minded, respectful, and with a happy heart."

Globetrotter Girls

Dani of Globetrotter Girls is a wealth of information for all kinds of travelers: foodies, those on a shoestring budget, and of course LGBTQ+ travelers. Her site has something for everyone, and features guides to dozens of destinations across the globe. Her Instagram feed is a delightful blend of travel, street art, food, urban exploration, and pizza.

She writes: "When I look back on life I know I won’t regret the risks I took and things I did, but all those things I did not do. I live by the motto “One Globe. No Regrets” as a reminder, everyday, to follow our passion for travel, wherever it may lead."

Nomadic Boys

The Nomadic Boys, Stefan and Sebastien, are a French/Greek gay couple from London. They have been traveling the world together for more 10 years, using their blog to showcase their travel adventures as a gay couple. Their website is full of resources for fellow LGBTQ+ travelers, helping others travel safely and have the time of their life in any destination.

They write: "Our mission is to inspire and show you that you can visit more places in the world than you thought possible, by providing a first-hand account of our travel adventures, which will help you plan a fun and safe trip. Wherever we go, we will tell you about the local gay scene, the friends we meet, the amazing sights we visit and the delicious foods we try. We will also tell you where it is safe to stay and how you can plan an exciting, fun and problem-free trip."

Meg Ten Eyck

Meg is an LGBTQ activist, speaker, and author, as well as the founder of EveryQueer Magazine. For travelers looking for tips on ethical, safe, magical travel, Meg's site is a wealth of information. Her travel guides are detailed, packed with all you need to know on the best food, accommodations, and festivals.

She writes: "The policies and social acceptance of LGBT people varies widely from country to country, but the reality is that safety is still a huge concern for people when LGBT identity is illegal in 70 countries around the world. It’s my hope to lead by example and inspire other LGBT people to seek out adventures around the world and engage in building community around the world."

Two Bad Tourists

Auston and Michael are bloggers, best friends, and ex-husbands, dedicated to sharing resources to fellow LGBTQ+ travelers: gay city guides, gay cruises and city tours, and budget-friendly travel tips. After eight years of continuous travel, the two have picked up lots of travel advice, and they share their account of each place they visit.

They write: "The idea of our travel adventure started in 2009 with a decision to eventually leave our home in Chicago and relocate to California. Upon leaving, we knew we would have to find new jobs after arriving to the west coast. That’s what sparked the thought: what was the hurry to move and find new jobs immediately? Then in 2012 after three years of planning and saving, we set off on a one-year adventure that took us across five continents and to more than 35 countries. After the trip of a lifetime, we never returned to the US, but instead landed in Spain and never left."

Lez See the World

Steph and Katie, travelers from Vancouver, have adventured across Canada and the US, throughout Western Europe and the UK, down to Central and South America, to Asia, and Australia. They work while they travel, and bring their dog with them wherever he's allowed. Their "How Lesbian Friendly Is..." guides detail laws, social climate, and their personal experiences in more than a dozen destinations. They even share tips on dog-friendly travel!

They write: "We are grateful every day for our love story and our life. The goal for the future is to keep following our dreams around the world, and to inspire as many other people as we can to do the same."

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