The calendar is about to turn to another year. Start planning your year’s travel now and beat the crowd!

It is never too early to start thinking about New Year’s resolutions. There are the traditional ones like to exercise more or working to break a habit. Why not go a little more outside the box and put “travel more” on your list? The planning, imagining, and preparing for your next trip will offer something to look forward to and (as an added perk) it is easy to accomplish with HomeExchange.

Travel with HomeExchange

A new year is always a busy time around the HomeExchange office. Members start to share where they were for the holidays and others contact us to explore the destinations they dream of visiting. There are also those who like detail the joys (and complications) of having the whole family under one roof for the first time in a while. In the end, if asked about our favorite time of the year, this time frame is definitely on the list.

Plan a wonderful vacation with HomeExchange

As the calendar moves from December to January, it brings with it new and exciting offers for our Members. Traditionally, the first month of the year is when we get the most significant influx of fresh and energized Members joining the community. Because of that, it is also when a majority of home are listed AND exchanges are booked for the year ahead. Make the most of this expanded selection of options by putting a plan in place now!

We realized that January is still a ways away but, by using a few of these tips, your dreams of adventure for 2019 will be easily within reach.

  • Save your search: If you have a few places in mind that you’d like to visit, make sure to save the search for your ideal destinations. This is an easy way to stay up to date as your search will automatically update with the most recent opportunities as new listings start to come in. Make sure to you have your email notifications set so that you receive a message as new listings get added.
  • Keep your Preferred Exchange locations updated: The best way to ensure you’ll be found in a search is by making a point to keep your profile current. Taking a little time to fill out your Preferred Destinations and timeframe, will offer major results as it ensures that you’ll be discovered when someone for your desired locations searches your area!
  • Keep watch on fares: With the need (and expense) to find accommodations taken care of, transportation will probably the most costly part of your travel. If you plan and book early, you’ll be able to lock in the lowest possible airfare for your Exchange which, on top of “inexpensive stays and living like a local,” is a real perk!

By using these few tips, you are in the league of some of our HomeExchange power users. Even if you choose not to book a home swap in the first weeks of the year, the process of browsing and taking note your favorite potential destinations with have you ahead of the pack when you are ready to finalize your exchange.

So, get moving and start planning! January is approaching fast and the time is right to arrange year filled with exchanges. Just think, that’s 365 days to look forward to and it all starts when you choose to become a part of the most active home exchange community in the world.

Travel with HomeExchange