Planning your next exchange? Make the most of “home” living and avoid getting caught looking like a tourist.

Here are a few tricks and tips. Follow these suggestions, and you’ll be looking like a local in no time.

What’s your travel style?

However you like to travel, how you dress can be important. Take a few minutes when planning your trip to not only look at the weather but also if there are any fashion no-nos for the area that you can avoid. Like shorts? Bring options so that if you visit a sacred site, you don’t offend the locals. Want to dress up? Think about how you will be getting around when you’re on your adventure. While heals might work for a quick night out, walking on cobblestone streets could be a little more complicated.

Learn the Language?

If you’re going to be visiting a foreign country, it can help to take some time to pick up some local phrases. No need to become fluent, but a few basics will go a long way with the locals. Who doesn’t appreciate having a conversation with someone in their native tongue rather than having to interpret a not-so-fun game of charades?

Some phrases you might want to learn to read and speak:

  • Greetings, thanks, and good night
  • What’s on the menu
  • Deciphering street signs
  • How to ask for or give directions
  • Ask where to find a public restroom is located
  • Ways to ask if they speak your native language

Know where you are going

With technology today, there is no need to be wandering the streets aimlessly or blocking traffic to look at a map. Thank goodness. Even with a phone, make a point to review where you’re going before you set out. Pausing every couple minutes to look at a map or your phone is a sure sign that you’re not local. Plus, if you get lost, you can make the most of your new language skills to ask how to get where you’re going. Who knows, you might make a new friend.

Think before you click

If you are traveling, you’re going to want to remember it. So unleash your inner photographer and get some quality pictures… within reason. Walking around taking snapshots of everything you see is a signal that you are not from the area. Not only could it attract some attention but it means you aren’t actually paying attention to your surrounding. Be safe out there, your Instagram followers will understand.

Eat where the locals eat

Restaurants located in high-traffic areas often target the masses. But you’re on an adventure, and you want to experience the local fare the way it was meant to be enjoyed! Make a point to ask your Exchange Partner what they would recommend both for locations to visit and for delicacies to try. Not only will the food taste much better but you’ll also have another delicious memory to look back on.

Exchange homes

Looking for a real “authentic” experience? Stay clear of the traditional places to stay and enjoy the freedom of using HomeExchange. You’ll save money (meaning more travel), and you’ll have more flexibility to enjoy yourself when you’re there. It’s affordable, safe, and a much more unique way to explore the world.

With HomeExchange, your next adventure is a click away. No need to worry about standing out like a tourist when you are living like a local. Where to next?

Travel with HomeExchange