Meet 5 inspiring Latina women who are educating and inspiring on local and global travel, female solo travel, and traveling as women of color. These travel influencers use their social media platforms to share advice, tips, itineraries, and most of all, beautiful pictures that will inspire you to dream!

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Latina travel influencers to follow on Instagram

Tessa Juliette @travel_wheretonext

travel blogger Tessa Juliette @travel_wheretonext

Tessa is a Cuban-American travel writer and photographer, and her Instagram feed will make you swoon (and want to plan your next vacation). On her website Where to Next, Tessa gives valuable travel tips about budgeting, safety, solo travel, and more.

If you love solo travel, or want to try exploring the world by yourself, Tessa is a great source of inspiration, as she honestly documents the struggles and joys of solo travel. "I still get nervous every time I board a plane by myself," she writes. "But at the end of the day I just tell myself I can do it. And then I do it."

Ivonne @latinachictravels

Latina travel influencers HomeExchange @latinachictravels

Ivonne's Instagram is colorful, positive, and educational, as she shows travelers how to travel more purposefully. The New York-based world traveler has visited more than 50 countries, using her website and social media platforms to share travel tips, restaurant reviews, and "inspire my Latinx community to get out of their comfort zone and experience the beauty of the world as the best versions of themselves," she writes.

Ivonne specializes in travel tips in New York and Mexico, as well as lifestyle and fashion topics. In a post-COVID-19 world, Ivonne also shares her experiences of traveling safely during a global pandemic. In a recent Instagram post sharing her experience flying to Cancun, she wrote, "I am in no position to tell you to fly but for those who been flying or thinking of flying, I hope you take extra precautions to your travels. Be a responsible traveler and do your part to protect yourself + others."

Rosa @rosaalexc

travel Instagram Latina influencers @rosaalexc

With travel guides from Philadelphia to Iceland, New York-based travel influencer Rosa has you covered. Her website is full of helpful travel guides, packing tips, and other useful tips and tricks.

If you're searching for local travel opportunities, her guides to the Catskills, Lake George, Vermont, and more will let you escape the city and enjoy a relaxing retreat. Lately, Rosa has been focusing on road trips within driving distance of New York City, so if you're hoping to catch some fall foliage or take a serene hike, don't miss Rosa's travel tips. "Life is full of unexpected moments and just because things doesn’t always go as planned it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t turn out to be great," she writes.

Jeanine @lewildexplorer

Latina Travel Influencers and Bloggers: travel writer @lewildexplorer

Los Angeles-based traveler Jeanine hikes, swims, and sips all around the world, taking her followers along on a visual treat. Her website offers travel guides on almost every continent (Jeanine has been to 43 countries), road trip advice, camping and backpacking tips, and a whole section on cocktails! If you're a podcast lover, don't miss Jeanine's podcast, where she shares enlightening experiences, hilarious stories, and discuss topics ranging from off-the-beaten-path destinations, resources for planning your next trip, safety in solo travel, and more.

70% of Jeanine's travel is solo, which she admits can be intimidating for many people. However, "you’re never really alone when you’re traveling because there’s almost always people around," she writes. "I’ve met amazing people along the way that I still stay in touch with. You never know what’s going to happen until you do it."

Ashley @thevirtualpassport

Latina travel bloggers- Ashley @thevirtualpassport | Travel with HomeExchange

Texas native Ashley is a "part-time world traveler," on a mission to inspire others to travel the world, even with a 9-5 job. She's traveled to more than 70 countries, half of them solo, and uses her website to share cheap travel tips, itineraries, and the similarities and differences she finds in other cultures around the world.

"My hope is to inspire other women of color to get out there and explore, whether that's in their own city or around the world," Ashley writes. Like most travel bloggers, life has changed for Ashley since COVID-19, causing her to get creative with travel and seek out domestic adventures. "The more and more I am exploring this country, the more I’m realizing how much beauty we have right in our backyards," she writes.

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