Halloween is just a few days away, which means that if you haven’t had a chance to figure out what you’re going as, you’re probably scrambling to find something to throw together so that you’re not the only one left without a costume. To help you out with your outfit woes, we’ve put together a list of costumes to consider for the big (spooky) day. And of course, because we’re HomeExchange, we decided to stick to a travel theme for each of our suggestions.

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Safari Explorer


Venture into the great outdoors (or at least to your next Halloween party) ready to explore the unknown. All you’ll need to begin your journey is a safari hat to keep the Halloween sun and a set of binoculars to keep an eye out for elephants, giraffes, or vampires.



Dress up as the stereotypical tourist using items that you probably already have at home! All you’ll need is a backpack or suitcase (if you want to carry a suitcase around all night, which you very well might not), a camera, and a physical map. If you want to get some laughs (or eye rolls) during a Halloween party wander around with your map, look confused, and ask where the snacks are, where the kitchen is, or even the bathroom is located.

Carmen Sandiego

Put on an iconic red hat and matching coat to resemble the famous (or infamous) video game, cartoon character, and international thief, Carmen Sandiego. Just remember that while going out as Carmen Sandiego to leave any sticky fingers you may have at home - You don’t want her criminal reputation to follow you home!

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Travel Influencer


If you want an easier outfit to put together, a travel influencer costume is pretty simple to prepare. All you’ll need is your most stylish outfit, a fashionable hat, a pair of sunglasses, and either a camera or a phone on a selfie stick. Strike your best pose as you wow people with your selfie skills!



Sure, you can travel around the world, but what place is more out of this world than space? This costume is a little more involved than some of the others, but if you want to express your love of the stars this Halloween, then look into dressing up as an astronaut.

Retro Pilot


Travel back in time to the early days of flight and dress up as an “old-timey” pilot. All you’ll need is a faux leather jacket, a set of faux leather gloves, a retro-style cap, and a pair of faux leather pants. Complete your outfit with a white scarf, goggles, and boots, and you’re ready for takeoff!

Indiana Jones

Don your fedora and grab your whip when you head out as one of film’s greatest explorers, Indiana Jones. Don’t forget to bring your compass and jacket, and be on the lookout for giant boulders and snakes at any Halloween celebrations that you attend.

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Hopefully, this list gave you some inspiration for your last-minute Halloween costume. Traveling and vacations can serve as a great inspiration for both Halloween costume parties alike, so keep an eye out when you’re traveling so that you can start thinking about what you’ll wear next year!