Nowadays image is everything! Our Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat feeds are filled with photos that show our best moments, our best clothes, our best selves. Why should our HomeExchange house profile images be treated any different?

The images of our home are the first thing other members see when searching for an exchange. To help increase visibility and your own chances of organzing an incredible exchange, you should upload the best images of your home.

Here are some simple tips that can make all the difference and boost your chances of finding an exchange. Read on for our tips on how to take your home profile to the next level and attract more guests!

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1. “Spring cleaning” works well during any season

I hope I don’t traumatize any of our readers, but spring cleaning is not a once a year event! The internet is a big place filled with many interesting people and I am sure you could probably find someone that would be thrilled about the prospect of staying in a dirty home, but I think our goal is to attract a larger audience. Before you even pick up the camera, try and tidy up a bit.

Improve your profile: 5 tips for taking photos of your home exchange

2. The right equipment

Almost everyone has a smartphone and your camera phone is more than acceptable. The important thing is to get a clear and clean image that will inspire other members to stay in your home. You don’t need a professional camera, but please try and avoid webcams and contrast-free photos. Smartphones also allow for easy upload through the HomeExchange app.

3. Lighting is important

First tip: Avoid using your flash! This often creates a cold and artificial feeling. Natural lighting is the best because it illuminates your home more authentically. So the ideal time would be the moment of the day when your home fills with natural sunlight.

Improve your profile: 5 tips for taking photos of your home exchange

4. Get the best angle

Do not hesitate to play with perspectives and angles, but try and keep the camera leveled. Flip your phone and use that wide angle. Tip for small spaces: place the corner of your room in the center of your photo. The oblique frames give an impression of space that will play in your favor.

5. #nofilter

Filters can work, but try not to abuse them. Turning white walls yellow and blurring the image is not the best idea for creating an honest and welcoming image of your home. Try as much as possible to obtain a clear and bright photo naturally without touch-ups. Your home profile will look more authentic and people that view your profile won’t think you have something to hide.

Improve your profile: 5 tips for taking photos of your home exchange

These tips should help you create a more attractive profile and increase your chances of organzing an exchange. In the end, no matter how good your house looks in photos, try and post images of your home. The HomeExchange community is built on a foundation of trust and not many members will contact you if they can’t see at least one image of your place.

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