HomeExchange's Solidarity group allows members to open their homes to relief workers or affected members in instances such as pandemics, fires, earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, war refugees, etc.

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HomeExchange launched this Solidarity housing initiative after regularly receiving messages from HomeExchange members looking to help people in need by offering their homes.

Meet a member showing hospitality to those in need

Thank you to our members who have already offered their homes, personifying the hospitality, generosity, and solidarity that are part of the HomeExchanger’s DNA. In difficult times, we all become more aware of the strength and importance of a united community.

Delphine, a home exchanger, opened her home to medical workers during the COVID-19 global pandemic. She shared that she didn't want her second home to "go to waste" while she wasn't using it: "Since I could not come to Paris for my work, I found it a waste that my flat was unused. I thought this program was a good opportunity to still 'use' my flat and for a good cause."

How you can use your home to help those in need during a crisis

The process to make her home available was simple and easy, and a few people contacted her quickly, Delphine said. "They were nice enough to really explain what they were going through and why my flat would help them big time," she said. "This created the trust I needed."

Delphine said HomeExchange's help facilitating the process kept everything running smoothly, and she enjoyed the opportunity to help others. "It was good to feel that I could contribute in some way in the relief of the community," she said.

How to open your home to those in need with HomeExchange

How you can use your home to help those in need during a crisis

For those who have an empty house or apartment and want to offer housing to those in need, the HomeExchange team has devised a way to facilitate those exchanges: the Solidarity group on our website.

If you have a home you are willing to open to those in need, join the Solidarity group. We have created a filter in the HomeExchange search, making it easy to find other members who are part of the group. HomeExchange covers these Solidarity exchanges with all the guarantees in a conventional exchange.

If you are interested in this initiative or know someone else who might be, check out our FAQ to learn more. We thank in advance all those who will participate in the initiative and show generosity to those in the community who are struggling.

If you have any questions about this initiative, please feel free to reach out to our team at solidarity@homeexchange.com.

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