You've been dreaming of getting away. Whether it's for an extended vacation or just a weekend trip, there's a lot to consider. Between the planning and the cost; it can be daunting. That's where HomeExchange comes into play.

By completing 3 easy steps, you'll be that much closer to the trip of your dreams. How? We're glad you asked.

Step 1: Update your profile

If you signed up for our newsletter, you're already a part of the HomeExchange community. Yes, you! Joining HomeExchange comes at no cost! You only pay when you make an exchange. How great is that?

So you are a part of the community but what do you do now? The best way to begin is to build out your profile. We created a blog article to get you started. In it, you'll discover tips and tricks to describe your home, build your preferred destination list, save your changes, maximize your calendar, adjust your GuestPoint value, and much more. The best way to secure an exchange is to have a complete profile, and we want to help get you there.

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Step 2: Search for an exchange

Now comes the fun part! Have you been dreaming of a specific destination? Do you have a list of "must visit" locations that only seems to get longer? Now is the perfect time to check a place or two off your list. We crafted an article that helps you optimize your search results, send and reply to messages (that's right! You can start sending messages as soon as you sign up!), and more. By the time you finish Step 2, you'll be that much closer to be seeing the destinations of your dreams.

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Step 3: Finalize your exchange

By now, you've built out your profile, searched for the perfect exchange location, and now you're ready to go on your first exchange. How exciting! Our next article walks you through why finalizing your exchange through HomeExchange is so important, explores the various exchange options, and gets you closer to your departure date. With the new HomeExchange, you no longer have to wish to visit places, you can get out there and travel.

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So, what's holding you back? Let your passport (and your imagination) be your guide and start exchange today!
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