Visiting Granada has never been easier thanks to home exchanging with HomeExchange.

Anyone that has had the chance to visit the city knows that words simply can’t describe it. This Andalusian city brings its charm through gastronomy, art in all forms, flamenco, the Alhambra, El Albayzin… In fact, winter can be one of the best times to visit the region as you can ski in the Sierra Nevada without suffering from the summer heat.

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Granada is without a doubt a city that will capture your heart and you simply cannot travel to Spain without passing through. This time we discovered it with HomeExchange!


Alhambra, Grenada

We had the chance to speak with Ana, one of our Granadian hosts on HomeExchange, who has given us a few tips for the best possible experience during your home exchange in Granada. Take note!

Ana has participated in home exchange for two months and has exchanged her home, located in El Albayzin a world heritage site. As she describes it quite well on her HomeExchange profile, her two-story home is an oasis of green in the heart of the city with an unobstructed view of Alhambra.

Ana’s home located in the historic neighborhood of El Albayzin

Ana, what advice would you give to your guests during their exchange to get the most of the city?

I’d recommend that you not come in a rush. Many people come only to visit Alhambra and they miss the beauty of the city. It is ideal to come for 3 to 4 days to get to know the city. You should also stay longer if you would like to get to know the beautiful province.

You must keep in mind that Granada is a city full of hills and slopes. Oftentimes, we find tourists that are lost in El Albayzin and ask for directions to Alhambra. They are two different hills! If you can’t descend the hill by foot, it is best to take the bus to either Alhambra of El Bayzin.

What is your favorite corner of Grenada?

My favorite corner of the city is, for sure, my neighborhood: El Albayzin, the historic neighborhood. It truly is a joy to walk through the many streets and squares. I’d like to highlight three places that I love: the Carvajales Plaza, El huerto de Charlos and the remarkable view from San Miguel Alto, that I highly recommend to my guests during their exchange.

El Huerto de Carlos, Grenada

What are you favorite restaurants? What is the best place to get a coffee?

In general, the best and least expensive places are in the towns around Granada. Those in the city are too touristy and it’s better to enjoy tapas in larger quantities for free.

You went on exchange to Rome not too long ago. How was it?

My stay in Rome was awesome! My hosts were adorable and knew their city well. This really made me want to host however for the moment I have not found a guest that could come within my availability.

What do you think the key is to a good exchange?

The secret to a good exchange is solid trust and communication from both sides.

Don’t wait to decide, make Granada your next destination for home exchange with HomeExchange!

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