The Cote D’Azur is guaranteed to leave you with wanderlust: a mythical coast, the Cannes film festival, the Calanques… The countryside, though lesser known, offers its own unique charm to the region, and is filled with hidden gems. Today, we are going on home exchange, thanks to our GuestToGuest members to discover the Mercantour National Park at the heart of the Alpes-maritime region.


Audrey’s family’s first home exchange in Laurent’s home, an experienced member of HomeExchange.

Home ExchangeAudrey’s family, from Pélissanne (between Aix en Provence and Marseille)

Home ExchangeLaurent’s family from Sospel (Mercantour Nationa Park)


A home exchange where friendship is exercised.


During the Toussaint holiday (French national holiday), for one week.


In Sospel, a small village in the Mercantour National Park.

Echange de maisons: des vacances hors du commun

The Home (open your eyes!)

A family home in the heart of the Mercantour National Park, dreamy no? Audrey even told us that the minute they arrived, they were speechless: “a home in the quiet of the countryside with a large garden, it was a paradise for us and our children”.

Home ExchangeLaurent’s homeHome ExchangeThe garden

The home exchange experience

Audrey: “I didn’t see myself exchanging my home, I had a few fears”. But nothing ventured nothing gained! Audrey and her family jumped on the opportunity: after a few exchanges through email and phone with Laurent’s family, the two families were on the same page. This was felt equally by Laurent, the host: “we established a sense of trust quickly, we immediately agreed on the exchange details (sheets, towels, food, etc.…)”.
The keywords for this exchange: trust and respect.
Laurent: “It was almost as if we left our home to friends or family, we left everything, even personal information”.
Audrey: “We had the pleasure of being presented with a special princess bedroom for our 8 year old daughter, we were very touched by the attention and detail».

Laurent, our host, takes us to discover the region

Who better than a native of the region to take us on a unique experience! The Mercantour National Park offers magnificent hikes. With Laurent, forest ranger and lover of his region, you will not find the contrary!

1. Site of Authion

  • A magnificent view that looks over three valleys
  • A historic and naturally rich site
  • Accessible by car
  • A 104 km circuit at 2000 meters of altitude

Home ExchangeSite of Authion

2. The Museum of Marvels in Tendes

Preserved rock engravings

  • 1 hour by car from Sospel (Laurent’s home)

3. The Medieval village of Saorge

  • On a hillside, built from rock, super unique!
  • Practical, only 30 minutes from Sospel

Home ExchangeVillage of Saorge

Audrey’s favorites (the guest)

Saint Dalmas de Tende

A splendid panorama that you may take in a step at a time. A beautiful human encounter with the shepherds in their pasture!

  • Accessible for children

Home exchangeSaint Dalmas de Tende

A final word

“After this beautiful experience we were fortunate to go on, home exchange has allowed us to save on our vacation budget and we used these savings for other expenses.”

If, like Audrey, you would like to share your beautiful home exchange experiences, write to us at: 🙂


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