Major cities are indisputably great. They offer culture, a variety of food, and wonderful experiences. If you'd like to try a home swap, you may be wondering if anyone would want to come to your home if it's not in a major city. But sometimes, the best way to really live like a local is to leave the big city behind and hit the suburbs. Check out some of our favorite benefits of staying in the ‘burbs.

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1. Free parking

You’ll usually find pretty good public transportation in major cities (with Los Angeles being a notorious exception), but what if you want to explore other areas? You’re much more likely to score a car exchange outside of the city, and you’ll be able to drive home at the end of the day knowing there’s a parking spot waiting for it. Taking a day trip a few hours away is no problem when you've got a vehicle included in the home swap!

2. Peace and quiet

The hustle and bustle of a metropolitan area certainly has its appeal, but it’s usually far from relaxing. Head to the suburbs and you might even hear the birds chirping. If you're in need of a relaxing, peaceful vacation where you can unwind with a good book or play board games with your family, the suburbs might just be the place to do that.

3. Room to spread out

It’s well known that most of the living spaces in cities like New York and London are teeny tiny. If you’re traveling alone or with a significant other, this can add a certain kind of intimacy. But if you’re traveling with a larger group, especially one that includes children, the extra space offered by a house can be a sanity saver. Many home exchanges in the suburbs have several bedrooms for kids to choose from, plus a playroom and a yard.

4. Green space

Big cities generally have some lovely public parks, but what about a lawn, or even a pool or pond, of your own? Outdoor space is especially useful if you’re caring for a dog while you’re on your exchange; late night walks in the rain lose their romantic appeal when you also have to clean up after a furry companion. Rolling countryside, a nearby lake, mountain scenery, and sometimes even farm animals can be found in a house swap in the 'burbs.

5. More variety

Yes, you could spend a week exploring Los Angeles. But if you stay in the suburbs of Orange County instead, you’ll have easy access to LA and San Diego! If you can position yourself between more than one major destination, it’s like two vacations in one. Of course, you might find yourself so enamored by the local scenery that you never even make it to the big city.

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