Since the end of the summer, the global economy has been facing inflation that has reached levels not seen in decades. Energy is one of the most affected sectors, with a significant increase in electricity and gas prices as winter approaches. To avoid an astronomical electricity bill, we have identified a few simple things to do daily as well as in a home exchange.

What is home exchange?

Did you know? The production of electricity represents 31% of CO2 emissions in Europe because it requires the massive use of fossil fuels. So by adopting these actions, not only will you reduce your expenses but you will also reduce your impact on global warming and that is priceless!

Our advice to control your energy consumption and manage the increase in electricity and gas prices

Here are some simple gestures that, if applied, will make a difference on the final bill:

  • Set your heating to a reasonable temperature (19°C) and turn it off when you leave the house
  • Remember to shorten your time in the shower
  • Don't leave the tap running unnecessarily
  • Turn off any appliance when not in use
  • Remember to do your laundry during off-peak hours
  • Use low-energy light bulbs
  • Insulate your doors and windows to avoid heat loss and if you like to DIY, do some insulation work

Energy consumption in home exchange: our advice for hosts and guests

As a host, if you want to avoid a big bill after the arrival of your guest: inform them! Your welcome handbook is meant to give tips and information about your habits and recommendations, including energy consumption. So don't hesitate to add your advice and rules so that your guests can feel comfortable without over-consuming. For example, you can mention the usual temperature, energy-consuming appliances, off-peak hours corresponding to your energy supplier, etc.

Here are some sample phrases you can incorporate into your welcome handbook:

  • "We are used to turning on only such and such a heater, feel free to turn on the others but please make sure not to exceed 20°C"
  • "Please remember to turn off all heaters when you leave the house"
  • "Please run the washing machine and dishwasher at off-peak hours: from x hours to x hours"

As a guest, be sure to take note of the recommendations your host will have left in their welcome handbook. Act as if you are paying the electric bill and practice the same good habits in your host's home as if you were in your own!

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