At HomeExchange, we want to make exchanging your home as easy as possible. The same was true for GuesttoGuest. HomeExchange created the Balloon while GuesttoGuest leveraged their GuestPoints. While both systems had their perks, experience showed us that GuestPoints drastically increased the number of exchanges Member are able to complete. Here a few reasons why:

Usable flexibility

For the last few years, we heard all sorts of comments regarding Balloons, both good and bad. As Balloons had no specific value, it allowed Members the freedom to define how they wanted to use them. Because of that flexibility, many people choose to save their Balloons for an extended two-week exchange rather than redeem it for, say, a weekend trip. We can understand that, but most Members want to save money and travel. To have the chance to explore a location they have never been, have the opportunity to reconnect with family, or find the perfect place to relax, and GuestPoints allows that to happen.

GuestPoints increases the flexibility of your exchanges by:
  • Allowing you to host and earn as many GuestPoints as you want!
  • Use those GuestPoints to travel. You can exchange as much as you want, wherever you wish; however you like!

A timeless value

Another benefit of GuestPoints is that they last forever. Whether you’re a subscriber to Optimal or choose to be part of our pay-by-night Essential, your GuestPoints will NEVER expire. In the past, if you decided to take a year off of HomeExchange, you’d end up losing your Balloon. But now, whatever GuestPoints you earn will be there for you to use whenever you are ready to go on your next adventure. No stress, no worries, and no rush. Now that’s how we like to travel!

"I find the idea of GuestPoints much more flexible, I am less reluctance to give GuestPoints than I am to “sacrifice” my only Balloon. Because of this, I have a lot more success with GuestPoints." (Emmanuelle)

Equality in Reciprocity

As you know, HomeExchange allows you to make both Reciprocal and Non-Reciprocal exchanges. Whatever type of exchange you arrange is always between you and your Exchange Partner. But how are you able to plan a reciprocal exchange when planning different lengths of stay? Because you’re in control of your GuestPoints.

Here’s an example:

you want to spend a week in Paris, but your French exchange partner wants a 2-week exchange in your home. If your home is available, you can still make this exchange happen. You can request GuestPoints for the balance of their exchange stay, and then you can use those GuestPoints to plan another adventure!

Another option is to choose not to use GuestPoints at all. When confirming your exchange, you can connect with your Exchange Partner and reach an agreement that leaves you both happy.

With GuestPoints, it’s always about freedom.
Want to learn more? Read our guide to GuestPoints.