Home swapper Klara traveled to Greece during the summer of 2020 with her four kids to show them everything the beautiful country has to offer. Klara says she loves Mediterranean culture and has been learning Greek for two years. One of her hobbies is learning the language of a place before she travels there.

Klara answered some of our questions about her home swap experience in Greece. Here is what she encountered!

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Tell us about your arrival at the home exchange.

On our arrival Yannis kindly came to meet us and showed us round the apartment. He explained everything in detail. He also recommended us an excellent restaurant in the area and also things to see. We arrived at the place after a long journey, so it was nice to find a glass of wine for us!

What did you see or do during your vacation?

We arrived here after an exhausting cultural trip through Meteora and Delphoi, so here we only wanted to relax. However, the place was inspiring, so during our stay we visited the nearby villages and beaches, like Ellinika beach, and we also went to see Athens, which is about an 2.5 hours nice drive. We swam a lot, and my kids enjoyed sunbathing and playing on the waves. We do not have sea in our country, so we enjoyed every moment of it.

What is your favorite memory from your exchange?

All the exchange will be my favorite. Why? Because for a full week I could have a lovely apartment just next to the beautiful Aegean sea, and I could spend time there with my whole big family. I also liked that the village was full of local people.

Did you encounter any unexpected cultural differences during your travels?

As I travel with my kids, it is a great responsibility, so I try to prepare my travels to avoid unexpected things. As I told before, I even study the language of the country where I go, or at least I try. Still, we had a funny story in a restaurant. In my language "ne" means no, while in Greek language it means "yes". So, when the waiter asked us if we want to order a big fish plate, my kids said"ne, ne," because they wanted something else. Of course, the waiter brought us the big fish plate!

What tips and tricks would you give to other HomeExchange guests?

Be perseverant in searching and contacting and you will find the perfect exchange for yourself!

How would you describe HomeExchange to your family and friends?

It is an excellent possibility for people who like traveling and knowing other cultures. It is quite different from staying in a hotel room. You can feel at home and stay in a place where local people live. It is based on trust and communication, which makes it very human.

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