Following the 50th celebration of Earth Day, you may be looking for earth-friendly gadgets you can add to your kitchen. If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, these tools can make a big difference in living a greener life. Your home exchange guests can also enjoy using them and may decide to implement a greener lifestyle in their own homes!

Here are just five things you can bring into your kitchen that will make it a more eco-friendly place.

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Stylish compost and recycling solutions

Composting doesn't have to be a chore with stylish solutions like this one that limit odor and are easy to clean. A space-efficient compost bin can fit right on your countertop, making it easy to reduce food waste. Recycling bin solutions like this one allow you to keep recyclables out of sight and help you remember to recycle.

Reusable food wraps

Instead of using plastic wrap to cover food, consider a reusable option like this. These wraps can be used over and over, making them a sustainable choice for topping bowls and wrapping veggies. Since plastics take a large environmental toll, small ways to reduce plastic trash can make a big difference.

Use smart kitchen appliances

When it's time to upgrade your kitchen appliances, consider ones that are energy-efficient and can reduce your environmental footprint (and your bills!), like the Instant Pot pressure cooker or the efficient Thermomix that makes it almost effortless to make meals from scratch. This handy gadget makes zero-waste kitchen tactics easy to prepare at home.

Switch to earth-friendly kitchen cleaners

Be conscious about your dish soap, hand soap and multi-surface cleaners, and consider switching to greener options, like Mrs Meyer's Clean Day line of products. These cleaners are cruelty free, made with recyclable packaging, essential oils, and other thoughtfully formulated ingredients.

Grow your own herbs

To promote a sustainable kitchen, save money, and reduce waste, consider starting your own herb garden indoors or right in your kitchen window. There are plenty of herbs, including parsley, thyme, basil, and mint, that you don't have to be an experienced gardener to grow.

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