Travel can mean a break from everyday stressors: work, school, chores and errands, sometimes even kids!

But travel can also be a break from screens and vacation can serve as a "digital detox," allowing you to take a break from constant screen time. You might be surprised at how much more peaceful, calm, and present you'll feel if you try leaving the screens at home on your next getaway.

Vacation is a great time to have a retreat from screens, or a kind of "digital detox" to refocus yourself, be fully present, and get rejuvenated before heading back home and to your normal routine.

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Reasons to try a digital detox

How to take a 'digital detox' during your next vacation

During COVID-19, we've spent a lot of time looking at screens— for work, school, entertainment, connection with loved ones. One survey even found screen time increased by 500% during the pandemic.

Too much screen time is linked to a host of health problems, including eyestrain, blurred vision, poor sleep, headaches, and neck and back pain. Screen time can also take a toll on mental health, causing depression, anxiety, and trouble concentrating. When you're on vacation, screen time can be a distraction if you're constantly checking your phone, looking at work emails, or rushing to share your trip on social media.

How to take a digital detox during vacation

How to take a 'digital detox' during your next vacation

When you vacation with HomeExchange, you'll never be bored, even when you leave your laptop at home and put your phone away. You'll stay in real homes, equipped with plenty to do: board games, books, a pool, BBQ, garden, and more. Spend quality time with your family, learn a new game or try a craft project, test out a new recipe, and embrace being together on vacation with all the new things to do and discover.

Though they're become rarer, you can even stay in a HomeExchange that doesn't have WiFi so you're not tempted to peek at your work email in the morning!

But if you do choose to have some screen time on your vacation, set limits for yourself and your family. Enjoy watching a movie or snapping photos of your discoveries, but then be purposeful about putting down the screens and enjoy everything the world has to offer IRL. If you need some help breaking the habit, apps like Moment and Flipd can come in handy to keep you accountable.

Digital detox with HomeExchange

The key to having a screen-free home exchange starts right when you open the door. Find a spot to store phones, tablets, and laptops where they'll be out of sight. Choose not to log in to the home's WiFi network, and explore the fun things the home offers to keep your family occupied.

If you need ideas for things to do near where you're staying, ask your hosts or check out our map made by HomeExchangers with recommendations and the hidden gems around the world.

With the HomeExchange search filters, you can find homes with lots to do to keep you occupied. You can filter for homes with pools, gardens, fireplaces, and more!

The HomeExchange community has more than 450,000 homes in 187 countries and is looking forward to welcoming you. Sign up for free and start organizing your next vacation with HomeExchange.

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