Ready to take a journey to the most pristine corners of the globe? Join us as we explore the world's cleanest cities, where immaculate streets and fresh air create an atmosphere of serenity. These urban marvels have mastered the art of cleanliness, weaving it seamlessly into their cultural fabric. Each has their reasons behind their spotless reputation. Visiting them can be an absolute delight, most of all for those who hold cleanliness in the highest esteem for enhancing the travel experience. HomeExchange is proud to feature homes in these capitals of cleanliness, so find out more about how HomeExchange works and how we can host you!

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1. Copenhagen, Denmark: The Cleanest Place in the World

world cleanest cities copenhagen

The Danish capital of Copenhagen got to be the world's cleanest city through commitment to green living and eco-friendly practices. The sheer amount of cyclists moving about the city at any given time is the first sign of just how green it is. The city's extensive network of cycling lanes, efficient public transportation systems, and pedestrian-friendly streets make it a haven for clean transportation. Other initiatives for clean energy are also part of their progressive efforts. Their recycling initiatives are unmatched, with facilities that make sorting and recycling a fun experience for residents, and even have dedicated spaces where people can donate and swap unwanted items freely. Copenhagen truly sets an inspiring example of resourcefulness and sustainability.

For an immersive experience related to Cophenhagen's cleanliness visit Copenhill. At this innovative waste-to-energy plant, discarded wood, straw, refuse, and even human and animal waste are used to generate heat, electricity, and biofuel supplied to thousands of homes and businesses in Copenhagen. It also doubles as a recreational facility, offering visitors the opportunity to ski or snowboard on its artificial slopes year-round. Marvel at the unique blend of clean energy production and outdoor recreation as you enjoy panoramic views of the city from the top of the slopes. To enjoy more of the world's cleanest city, stroll the picturesque waterfront, or wander and marvel at its architecture with rooftop gardens and playgrounds. Copenhagen showcases the rewards of a city that combines urban living with a clean and sustainable environment.

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2. Singapore: Asia's Most Pristine Destination

world cleanest cities singapore

Welcome to the Lion City, where cleanliness reigns supreme. Singapore, with its visionary leadership and strict environmental regulations, has transformed into a gleaming metropolis. Meticulously manicured parks, spotless streets, and an extensive recycling program contribute to its pristine reputation. Singaporeans take great pride in upholding cleanliness as a core value, and the city's residents actively participate in keeping their surroundings pristine. For example, in Singapore you won't see people spit out gum on the streets or drop cigarette butts. Not only is it looked down upon, but it's actually illegal. Strict rules and a culture of cleanliness not only make Singapore one of the cleanest cities in Asia, but also a top contender for cleanest city in the world.

To enjoy the pristine beauty of Singapore, explore the iconic Gardens by the Bay, where lush greenery melds seamlessly with futuristic architecture. Stroll through the Supertree Grove, where towering vertical gardens create a stunning visual spectacle, or visit the Cloud Forest Dome, a mesmerizing exhibit showcasing diverse plant life from tropical highlands. These gardens not only epitomize Singapore's dedication to maintaining green spaces but also show local sustainable practices in urban design. We also suggest wandering through the vibrant district of Chinatown, where cleanliness harmonizes with cultural heritage, and exploring the immaculate Marina Bay neighborhood. Singapore's dedication to cleanliness creates a stunning urban oasis that is a joy to explore.

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3. Calgary, Canada: Canada's Cleanliness Capital

world cleanest cities calgary

Nestled at the foothills of the majestic Rocky Mountains, Calgary stands proud among the cleanest cities in the world. This Canadian jewel has mastered the art of cleanliness through unwavering commitment to sustainability and a deep respect for its natural surroundings. Residents take great pride in maintaining the city's pristine condition, contributing to a clean and inviting environment. Calgary's clean air and well-maintained streets come from their collective efforts and conscientiousness. With a strong emphasis on environmental stewardship, Calgary has become a shining example of how urban development and cleanliness can coexist harmoniously.

To truly appreciate Calgary's cleanliness, take a walk along the picturesque Bow River pathway, a network of trails that winds its way through the heart of the city. Enjoy the serene beauty of the river and its surroundings, and perhaps even rent a bike to explore the pathway at your leisure. Or, head to Nose Hill Park, one of North America's largest urban parks, and embark on a hike or a leisurely stroll while breathing in the fresh mountain air. In the winter, Calgary's cleanliness extends to its snow-covered landscapes, making it an ideal destination for outdoor winter sports enthusiasts. Calgary's harmonious blend of cleanliness and natural wonders will leave you awe-inspired.

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4. Helsinki, Finland: Finnish Cleanliness at its Finest

Helsinki world's cleanest cities

Prepare to be mesmerized by the Nordic charm of Helsinki, Finland's capital city. The city has become a beacon of cleanliness for a plethora of reasons, including the advantage of being situated at a considerable distance from major European cities, resulting in low emissions from long-range transport of pollutants. Helsinki is also Finland's only prominent metropolis, which also helps it boast excellent air quality. The country's sparse population and minimal traffic contribute to its overall cleanliness and pristine environment, as well as innovative waste management systems, efficient public transport, and large green spaces. For this and many other reasons, Helsinki is often in the running for the cleanest place in the world. Wether it's number one or not, its spotless allure will captivate your senses and make you glad to visit.

When you do, begin your journey by visiting the sprawling Central Park, an urban garden that spans over 1,000 hectares. Take a leisurely walk or rent a bicycle to explore the park's pristine trails, serene lakes, and lush forests. Don't miss out on exploring the vibrant Design District, where creativity and cleanliness intertwine. For a unique experience related to cleanliness, consider visiting Löyly, an eco-friendly public sauna situated along the waterfront. Here you can indulge in the Finnish tradition of sauna bathing while taking in breathtaking views of the sea. This sustainable establishment utilizes renewable energy and embraces natural materials, providing a truly rejuvenating and environmentally conscious experience.

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5. Auckland, New Zealand: Kiwis Keeping it Clean

cleanest place world auckland

New Zealand has a reputation as a clean and calm country where order seems to prevail. Nowhere is this more evident than in Auckland. Despite being the most populous metropolis in the country, Auckland can be enjoyed without the pollution one might expect from such a large city. It's nestled amidst stunning natural landscapes, and stands tall as one of the cleanest cities in the world. Its emphasis on environmental conservation and preservation is evident in its pristine harbors, which much of the city is centered around. In a recent study, Auckland was identified as the city that has undergone the most radical transformation in the past three decades in terms of cleaning up and going green. The result of its dedication to sustainable practices, such as renewable energy initiatives and waste reduction programs shows!

The state of cleanliness makes all the amazing things to do here that much more enjoyable. You can immerse yourself in the city's vibrant Maori culture, explore its volcanic landscapes, and breathe in the fresh ocean breeze as you discover Auckland's undeniable charm. Visit the Auckland Domain, a vast parkland in the heart of the city. Take a leisurely stroll through its manicured gardens, visit the Auckland War Memorial Museum, or simply relax on the open lawns while enjoying the clean air and peaceful atmosphere. For a more adventurous experience, head to one of Auckland's many stunning beaches, such as Piha or Mission Bay, where you can bask in the sun, swim in the crystal-clear waters, or go surfing. Auckland's cleanliness is just one of the many reasons to visit!

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6. Adelaide, Australia: Cleanliness Down Under

adelaide cleanest place world

New Zealand's new order of cleanliness has been inspiring its neighbors down under, and Australia has made some of its own amazing efforts towards cleaning up big cities, starting with Adelaide. Australia's stunning nature offers all the inspiration needed to want to create cleaner and greener living to ensure it lasts. When searching for the cleanest city in the world, you'll often see Adelaide pop up among top contenders. This radiant city is renowned for its wide boulevards, lush parklands, and pristine beaches. Adelaide's commitment to sustainability and conservation is evident in its extensive recycling programs and green initiatives. In fact, by recycling approximately 85% of its waste, Adelaide has very little trash left over to worry about!

Should you find yourself in this immaculate city in southern Australia, stroll through the Adelaide Botanic Garden, where perfectly kept gardens showcase the region's unique flora, or visit the vibrant Central Market, where a cornucopia of fresh produce awaits. Adelaide is also blessed with beautiful beaches, so be sure to make the most of them and their clean waters like Glenelg Beach, Henley Beach, and Brighton Beach. Adelaide's cleanliness, combined with its laid-back charm and cultural delights are definitely alluring. The city's extraordinary efforts towards cleanliness not only make it incredibly enjoyable to visit, but also often mean it's ranked as the second cleanest city in the world.

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7. Tokyo, Japan: A Culture of Cleanliness

tokyo cleanest city in the world

One might expect a bustling capital like Tokyo to be a bit dirty, but it's another exceptionally clean place in Asia thanks to a culture that takes cleanliness incredibly seriously. The Japanese have utmost respect for the environment and community and the clean nature of the capital, Tokyo, is a testament to their values. Even smoking is treated differently here, where outdoor smokers are required to remain in marked "smoking zones" so as not to pollute the air of non smokers, and avoid littering with cigarette butts all over the city. On public transport and even taxis, you'll notice how clean stations, trains, and cars are kept with the absence of litter and frequent washing. Their waste management system is exemplary with especially impressive results when you consider that Tokyo is one of the densest cities in the world. Thanks to this commitment to cleanliness, visitors to Tokyo wonder which is the cleanest city in the world, and if it might be the Japanese capital.

There are lots of ways to make the most of how clean this Asian capital is. Don't hesitate to indulge in the city's renowned street food, such as yakitori (grilled skewered chicken), sushi, or tempura, knowing that the utmost care is taken in maintaining the cleanliness and hygiene of these food stalls. Explore the local markets, such as Tsukiji Fish Market or Ameya-Yokocho Market, and savor fresh seafood, local produce, and a variety of Japanese delicacies, all prepared with the utmost attention to cleanliness and quality. Marvel at the city's pristine temples and gardens, like Shinjuku Gyoen or Hamarikyu Gardens. Or, visit the Odaiba Seaside Park, a man-made beach offering stunning views of Tokyo Bay where you can walk on its clean sandy shores, enjoy a picnic, or rent a bicycle to explore the surrounding area. Whatever you choose to do, Tokyo offers a unique and delightful experience that showcases the rewards of a clean and well-managed city.

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8. Zurich, Switzerland: Swiss Excellence Meets Cleanliness

zurich cleanest place in the world

The Swiss are known to take a thing or two seriously. They have a reputation for high standards for how things should work, and it shows in how clean the country is kept. With such spectacular scenery surrounding every part of Switzerland, the sight of trash and pollution would be especially unsettling. But you won't see much here, even in the largest cities like Zurich for example. What does it take to keep things so clean? Zurich's Civil Engineering and Disposal Department has the monumental task of collecting over 30,000 rubbish bags daily. This tireless team operates around the clock to ensure 737 kilometers of public roads and 1,080 kilometers of paths remain immaculate. They also meticulously clean all of Zurich's public transport stops, leaving no stone unturned in their pursuit of a spotless urban environment.

Use any part of public infrastructure in Zurich and you can enjoy how clean it is compared to other cities. Public transport and strict environmental regulations mean the air is pure. So get out and enjot that fresh alpine air with some hikes on the city's trails, including those around the lake. Along with the view, you'll appreciate the pristine shores. The water is incredibly clean so don't hesitate to rent a paddle board to hop in and enjoy it. Lindenhof Park, located in the city center, is another tranquil oasis with its well-tended gardens, ancient trees, and panoramic views of the city. We also recommend making the most of the farmer's markets to see the culture of locally sourced fresh and organic produce the city's residents enjoy. Zurich's status as one of the cleanest cities in the world makes it especially delightful to visit.

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9. Oslo, Norway: A Glimpse at a Clean Future

oslo world cleanest city

Oslo is another shining beacon of cleanliness in Scandinavia. The Norwegian government has implemented progressive environmental policies and initiatives to encourage sustainable practices and reduce its ecological footprint. Sidewalks here have a reputation as squeeky clean. Visitors may find it puzzling to witness the absence of any litter, that's in thanks to deeply ingrained values emphasizing respect for the environment and surroundings. Norwegians are taught never to litter and avoid unnecessary waste. City developers have also embraced creativity to explore unconventional ways of going green. The buses in the city even run on fuel derived from human waste. This not only reduces dependency on traditional fossil fuels but also highlights the city's commitment to finding alternative and eco-friendly solutions.

In Oslo, visit the stunning Vigeland Park, with sculpture from Gustav Vigeland amidst manicured gardens and clean pathways. For a unique experience related to cleanliness, visit the Oslo Fjord, a pristine body of water that offers breathtaking views and opportunities for sailing, kayaking, or simply enjoying a leisurely stroll along the clean waterfront promenades. The fjord's crystal-clear waters and surrounding green spaces create a tranquil escape from the urban bustle. Consider also visiting Bygdøy, a peninsula known for its clean beaches and well-preserved cultural attractions. Explore the Viking Ship Museum or take a peaceful walk along the clean shores. By embracing innovative measures, Oslo is an incredibly pleasant place that shows us what a more sustainable future can look like.

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10. Honolulu, Hawaii: A Pristine Island Paradise

honolulu cleanest city in the world.png

Take one glimpse at Hawaii and you can see it's one of the prettiest places in the world. Its breathtaking beauty alone is an awe-inspiring motivation to keep these islands clean. Even the busy state capital of Honolulu manages to keep tidy. Honolulu is ranked by The American Lung Association's 2021 State of the Air report as having the purest air among all U.S. cities. This is much in thanks to Pacific winds that sweep through the city and little to no industrial manufacturing operations on the islands. As a result, Honolulu enjoys an environment free from ozone and short-term particle pollution, fostering a breath of fresh air for its residents and visitors alike. The city's commitment to preserving its pristine air quality sets a remarkable example for urban areas across the nation.

You'll be pleased by how clean Honolulu is at every turn. Many come to Hawaii for the beach and here they're incredibly clean for a city. The efforts to keep the coasts clear and protect delicate ecosystems and wildlife in the water as well as on land, loca's know is essential. Thanks to a culture of environmental awareness and strong sense of community, they've managed to protect nature in and around Honolulu, allowing it to blend seamlessly with city life. There are so many ways to enjoy how clean the city is, from the popular Waikiki Beach to hiking the trails of Diamond Head State Monument. We suggest also checking out Kapiolani Community College Farmers Market to see an amazing array of fresh local fruits! If you come to Honolulu, remember to not only appreciate how clean it is, but adopt the same environmental respect as the locals.

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