As a woman, there is a lot to keep in mind when deciding to travel on your own. Beyond your interests and wanderlust list, it's also important to consider safety. Budget also comes into play. Solo travel, male or female, means not necessarily being able to share the cost of accommodations with a partner or friend. That can mean paying more for overnight stays. For whatever reason you're on a budget, we think you'll find these cheap solo travel destinations for females a great resource.

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Cheap Places to Travel Solo as a Female in the US

Harbor Springs, MI: Our Waterfront Favorite for Solo Female Travels

cheap places to travel solo female in us harbor springs

Harbor Springs is a charming lakeside paradise on the shores of Lake Michigan. It's our waterfront favorite for solo female travelers who aren't looking to spend a fortune in famous beach towns. The small community is safe and welcoming so you'll settle in quite nicely for a solo stay here. You can enjoy waterfront strolls, and in warm spring and summer months a swim off the sandy shores of the lake for a rejuvenating dip in the turquoise waters. For water sports enthusiasts, Lake Michigan always has local offerings that won't disappoint.

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Berkley Springs, WV: Bargain Spa Destination for Ladies of Leisure

cheap places to travel solo female in us berkeley springs

Another small town favorite of ours is also a spring town. This time Berkeley Springs in West Virginia. Its claim to fame is that's America's first spa town! The local spa offering remans quite enticing today, with local mineral springs where you can soak it all in. For ladies of leisure who want to indulge in a some self care without spending too much, there a tons of local day spas to cater to whatever service you might be looking for. The local culture of rest and relaxation gives it a friendly atmosphere solo female travels will find reassuring, with pricing that is as friendly as the people are!

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St. Augustine, FL: An Affordable European Alternatiive

cheap places to travel solo female in us saint augustine

St. Augustine is full of beautiful colonial European architecture and steeped in history. This makes it an affordable alternative for anyone female solo traveler who might otherwise pay a pretty penny to cross the pond for a taste of Europe. While it can be more expensive to live here than other Florida beach towns, budget travellers will appreciate St. Augustine's abundance of free attractions. Free activities include admiring the architecture of Flagler College and enjoying panoramic views from the top of the St. Augustine Lighthouse. It's also fun to visit the the city's historic Fountain of Youth Archaeological Park. It's considered a great destinations for solo travelers who continually say they feel safe throughout its neighborhoods.

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Austin, TX: Friendly & Affordable Big City Living

cheap places to travel solo female austin

If you're in the market for great food, music, and friendly and fun locals than Austin is a great city destination that won't break the bank. It has a relatively high safety rating and is considered especially safe in popular tourist areas. Attractive pricing and taxes has led to a big boom in the city, drawing many companies to setup shop here and enticing young and dynamic employees to follow suit. The result is a youthful and vibrant city spirit with so much going on. It's our top pick for a city destinations for anyone looking to get out and experience a bit of culture as a solo female traveler without breaking the bank.

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San Diego, CA: Sea, Sun, Surf, & Safety

cheap places to travel solo female san diego

Another great safe city destination for solo females travelers is San Diego. We like San Diego as it's a safer destination statistically speaking than other big coastal California cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles. Violent crime rates are consistently lower here and it's considered a safer city to live in and visit. So if you want some laid back coastal California vibes for your solo female trip, pick this So-Cal city. You can catch some surf, enjoy dining in the downtown district, and visit historic sites like the old Town San Diego which was the first European settlement in California. While it's an expensive you live here, San Diego still has plenty of affordable neighborhoods close to downtown with attractive pricing.

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Cheap Solo Travel Destinations Abroad as a Solo Female

Sevilla, Spain: Savings in the Safest City in Spain

cheap solo travel destinations sevilla

There are a few reasons we love Sevilla, Spain as one of our cheap solo travel destinations for females. For one, it's consistently ranked among the safest cities in Spain. It's large enough to enjoy a wide range of things to do, while calm enough to feel safe and secure. In Spain, the streets tend to stay lively late, so even in the evening you can enjoy walking everywhere in this city without feeling vulnerable and alone. For all it has to offer, it remains quite affordable as well. Plus, one of the solo traveler perks of Spain is you can dine out affordably on your own by enjoying tapas for casually dining everywhere.

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Berlin, Germany: Berlin is Ideal for Budget Female Travelers

cheap solo travel desitnations berlin

This is an excellent choice for solo female travelers seeking a safe destination. Berlin ranks as one of the safest cities in Europe, with low crime providing peace of mind for female travelers exploring alone. Berlin also won't break the bank either. Its cost of living index is lower than many other major European cities. Public transportation is safe, efficient, and reasonably priced. You can visit landmarks like the Brandenburg Gate, admire street art in neighborhoods like Friedrichshain, and indulge in delicious and affordable street food at markets such as Markthalle Neun. With its combination of safety, affordability, and activities, Berlin is a top choice for solo female travelers seeking affordable adventure.

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Dublin, Ireland: Solo Female Budget Travelers are in Luck

cheap solo travel destinations dublin

A 2022 study ranked Ireland as the safest destination for solo female travelers. With a great national safety rating, and an affordable to visit capital city, Dublin is another one of our cheap solo travel destinations for females. Exploring the city's history is also affordable, with many museums and historical sites offering discounted or free entry. From strolling along the River Liffey to visiting iconic landmark like Trinity College, there are lots of free things to do. You can also explore the gardens and grounds of Dublin Castle for free. The Irish are also known for being incredibly friendly while will make solo travelers feel welcome.

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Montevideo, Uruguay: Safety & Savings in South America

cheap solo travel destinations montevideo

South America can be super enticing for budget travelers, but its reputation for safety, especially for female solo travelers can be a bit questionable. If you're keen to go to South America but want to play it safe as a woman on her own, we recommend Uruguay. The Global Peace Index for 2023 ranked Uruguay as the top country in South America for safety. Where better places to start than its capital of Montevideo with a laid-back atmosphere, great weather, and beautiful beaches. There is also art deco architecture to enjoy, tango, and tasty local food.

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Seoul, South Korea: Cheap Solo Travel Destination for Females in Asia

cheap solo travel destinations seoul

Seoul is repeatedly praised as being a very safe city, making it an ideal destination for solo travelers to visit. While the cost of living in South Korea is steadily increasing, it remains entirely feasible to explore its capital on a budget. With an extensive and reasonably priced transit network, diverse dining choices that cater to various budgets, and an array of affordable activities and attractions, South Korea offers ample opportunities for a wallet-friendly travel experience. This captivating destination can be surprisingly affordable, allowing travelers to make the most of their visit without breaking the bank.

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Use HomeExchange for Cheap Places to Travel Solo

travel cheap solo female home exchange

When is comes to traveling along as a woman, the world is your oyster. Especially if you know what to expect and how to budget for solo travel. That's why HomeExchange is one of the greatest resources for cheap places to travel solo as a female. With GuestPoints or reciprocal exchange, you don't have to worry about covering the cost of accommodations on your own because you don't pay out of pocket. Plus, hosts are locals and likeminded travelers ready to give you the best insights and tips to get the most out of your trip while staying safe and feeling comfortable wherever you decide to go. Sign up today and start exploring all the possibilities...

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