Money can’t buy love but it can buy a fabulous honeymoon. That being said, newlyweds rarely have money to burn after the expense of a wedding, so budget honeymoon ideas are always welcome. It is possible to have a luxurious, relaxing, and romantic honeymoon without spending a fortune, if you know where to go.

Start saving by skipping pricey all inclusive honeymoon packages, and opt for a home exchange instead in one of these destinations. We’ve rounded up the best places couples on a budget can have a memorable and romantic experience. From dreamy European capitals to stunning beachside escapes, our list has something for all newlyweds looking to honeymoon without breaking the bank.

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Budget Friendly Honeymoon Destinations in the USA

Napa Valley, California

napa valley budget honeymoon ideas

At first, you might think honeymooning in California’s wine country on a budget is impossible. It can be pricey. There are plenty of ways to enjoy this popular wedding and honeymoon destination affordably though. Start by scheduling your honeymoon in off season. Then, make a stop at the Napa Valley Visitor Center in downtown Napa to snag great deals. They offer coupons and discounts for a large variety of wine tastings and tours. Most wineries can be visited for free, so if you don’t want to spend money each time for a tasting, you can still enjoy romantic strolls in the vines.

Swap out pricey meals by piecing together a gourmet picnic. You can bring it along to hike Napa Valley’s many gorgeous hiking trails, another free activity, and stop to eat with a scenic view complete with a local bottle of wine of course. With a bit of creativity, Napa can surprisingly be among budget friendly honeymoon destinations, especially for west coasters who don’t want to spend to travel far!

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Sedona, Arizona

sedona arizona budget honeymoon ideas

Sedona is one of our favorite destinations for scenic views, and nothing says romance like watching its legendary sunsets across Sedona’s famous red rock formations. That’s just the start though of our budget honeymoon ideas for Sedona. Another nearly free honeymoon activity is to enjoy local scenic drives through the beautiful desert landscapes. One of the most popular drives is the Red Rock Scenic Byway.

Known for its spirituality and spa culture, there are many ways this aspect of Sedona without breaking the bank. There are local affordable classes in sound healing, shamanism and more, some which work by donation. And even when saving by opting out of staying at pricey hotels, you can still enjoy their spa’s facilities by splurging on a couple's treatment or two during your stay.

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Savannah, Georgia

savannah georgia cheap honeymoon destinations

For other budget friendly honeymoon destinations stateside, set your sights on the south and the beautiful Savannah, Georgia. There is no shortage of romance to be found here, free of charge. This lush place often called the garden city is filled to the brim with storybook architecture. Start with a romantic stroll through Forsyth Park. It’s one of the most beautiful parks in town, with a stunning fountain, walking paths, and plenty of green space. It's the perfect place for a romantic honeymoon picnic.

You can also relax on nearby Tybee Island, a beautiful beach located just a short drive from Savannah. Spending a day here lounging, swimming, and strolling doesn't have to cost a thing. For a few romantic indulgences, we do recommend fairytale carriage ride through the historic district. Many companies offer private tours allowing you to customize your experience. A riverboat cruise is another fun and romantic way for honeymooners to see Savannah from a different perspective.

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St. Augustine, Florida

st augustine florida cheap honeymoon destinations

Upon first glance, you might be surprised to discover St. Agustine, Florida in the United States. This charming and historic city is one of the best honeymoon destinations on a budget for North Americans as it offers European charm with the bonus of beaches for your honeymoon without spending to fly overseas. Its historic district is filled with beautiful Spanish-colonial architecture, charming shops, and quaint restaurants.

Honeymooners will enjoy strolling hand-in-hand on St. Augustine Beach, a beautiful and serene white sand beach that offers the perfect setting for a romantic walk or a relaxing day in the sun. You can ramp up the romance even more with a sunset sail, an unforgettable way to see St. Augustine from the water. With tons of local museums, spas, and a thriving culinary scene, there is no shortage of experiences to share together on your honeymoon here in St. Augustine.

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Cheap Honeymoon Destinations in Europe

Budapest, Hungary

budapest cheap honeymoon destinations

It’s no secret by now that travels in Eastern Europe can be attractive to those on a budget, and Budapest is definitely one of the jewels. This beautiful affordable European capital exudes romance that’s perfect for a honeymoon. A Danube River cruise is a romantic and unique way to see Budapest's stunning architecture and landmarks from the water, and many include live music and gourmet cuisine.

If you want a relaxing honeymoon, you’ll also enjoy the stunning local thermal spas for an entire day for less than forty euros a person, just a fraction of what an hour long spa treatment would cost you most places. Another honeymoon date idea we love for Budapest is attending a performance at the Hungarian State Opera House, it’s romantic and cultural and the building itself is worth seeing alone. Stroll the Danube River Promenade hand in hand and take in all the beauty this city has to offer honeymooners.

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Porto, Portugal

porto portugal cheap honeymoon destinations

For amazing travels on a budget, Lisbon gets a lot of attention. Porto however, sometimes called Portugal’s “second city,” is also a great budget destination with plenty to offer honeymooners. In Porto there is an abundance of free activities and delicious affordable food and wines at every turn. We recommend taking a tour of the Port wine cellars. Porto is famous for its Port wine, and there are plenty of wine cellars that offer tours and tastings.

Stroll around the Ribeira District, a picturesque neighborhood located along the Douro River that is known for its colorful buildings, charming cafés, and lively atmosphere. Take in some culture at the Fundação Serralves, a beautiful and contemporary art museum for modern and contemporary art, with a collection including works by some of the most famous European and American artists. And when in doubt in Porto, you can always enjoy walks along the beautiful river banks for stunning views of the city and the water, or opt for a romantic river cruise.

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Bordeaux, France

bordeaux france budget friendly honeymoon destinations

While Paris would be considered the French city attracting the most honeymooners, it can cost a pretty penny. If you fancy a French honeymoon that doesn’t break the bank, Bordeaux in is one of the best honeymoon destinations on a budget. There is plenty of romance to be found down here in the southwest of France too. A historically bourgeois city, its local wine generated wealth brought beautiful architecture to the town so honeymooners will be surrounded in beauty.

With wine country all around, take a few tastings in rooms in town or wander outside the city to visit the many wonderful wineries. Visit the Musée des Beaux-Arts that features a collection of paintings, sculptures, and decorative arts from the 15th to the 20th centuries. The museum's collection includes works by Rubens, Van Dyck, and Renoir. Snap some newlywed pics at the picturesque Place des Quinconces and enjoy sunset walks on the river for a romantic end to everyday in this historic city that well deserves its classification as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Valencia, Spain

valencia spain cheap honeymoon destinations

If you’re looking for a European beach vacation on a budget, consider Valencia. Northern Europeans typically travel south to Spain when they want to save on holidays and still have a spectacular time. Valencia has several beautiful beaches that offer the perfect setting for a relaxing day in the sun, the most popular being Playa de la Malvarrosa and Playa de las Arenas. But this city is so much more than just about being beachside. It’s vibrant and romantic with amazing food, culture, and architecture to offer honeymooners.

Newlyweds can't skip sharing some local paella, or even taking a local cooking class together! Explore the Gothic architecture of the historic city center, including the Valencia Cathedral. Also to be seen are the Turia Gardens, a beautiful park that was created on the site of a former riverbed. Take a bike tour of the park to enjoy the stunning views and beautiful landscapes. Lastly, in the evening be sure to catch a local flamenco dance show! Wether you prefer to tour or relax and unwind, Valencia is one of the best budget honeymoon ideas.

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Budget Honeymoon Ideas Around the World


vietnam budget honeymoon ideas

Southeast Asia is a great destination for budget travels, and honeymooners are no exception. So consider Vietnam – a beautiful and diverse country that offers a romantic and memorable honeymoon experience at affordable prices. If you want to go the traditional route for a relaxing beach holiday, the shores of Vietnam won’t disappoint. Some of the most popular beaches include Nha Trang, Phu Quoc, and Mui Ne.

For another ridiculously romantic destination in the country, try to make it to the Mekong Delta, a beautiful and unique region that is known for its floating markets, rice paddies, and waterways. Take a boat tour and explore the stunning landscapes. Hoi An is another beautiful destination, a historic city that is known for its charming architecture, colorful lanterns, and vibrant atmosphere that is perfect for romantic strolls. One thing we can promise is that you will definitely eat well on honeymoon in Vietnam, with fresh and vibrant local cuisine boasting bold and unique flavors. For adventurous budget honeymooners, Vietnam is a great option for cheap honeymoon destinations.

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The Philippines

the philippines cheap honeymoon destinations

Another budget friendly honeymoon destination suggestion of ours can be found in Southeast Asia — The Philippines. While less popular than places like Thailand, the beaches are just as stunning here. The Philippines is home to some of the most beautiful in the world. Relax on the white sand and turquoise waters of Boracay, Palawan, Siargao. With 7,000 islands in the country, you can spend all of your honeymoon island hopping if you like!

Snorkel and scuba fans will find the waters here absolutely wonderful. It’s colorful coral reefs are teaming with marine life in locations such as Tubbataha Reef, Apo Reef, and Coron Bay. Local spa culture is also incredibly affordable, a huge attraction of Southeast Asia. Get your thrills as a couple checking out the active Mayon Volcano or the Chocolate Hills of Bohol, and lastly for more romance we recommend the rice terraces in Banaue and sunset cruises along Vietnam’s various rivers.

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belize cheap honeymoon destinations

Among our favorite cheap honeymoon destinations in Central America is Belize. While budget travelers often think to head to Mexico for affordable beach resorts and cocktails, we suggest flying a bit further south to discover this country on the Caribbean where honeymooners will be happy to spend their holiday. Between turquoise waters and dense junglew, couples will be spoiled for choice when it comes to exploring Belize together.

The massive Belize Barrier Reef is dotted with hundreds of low-lying islands called cayes and is home to spectacular marine life then will encourage you to take up diving. Back on land, visit Mayan ruins and beautiful caves, or witness wildlife in its natural habitat in the jungles. At every turn, Belize will show you what a beautiful country it is which his why is one of our top picks for affordable honeymoon destinations.

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The Dominican Republic

dominican republic budget honeymoon ideas

Another one of our Carribean crushes for a honeymoon destination is the Dominican Republic. Budget travellers won’t break the bank here as it’s relatively cheap compared to the cost of other Caribbean destinations. Head to the heart of historic Santo Domingo to get a feel for local culture. Here you can indulge in delicious local dining, which is a mix of Spanish, African, and indigenous influences, and dance the night away together as it’s known for vibrant nightlife.

For the beach, the crystal clear warm waters of Punta Cana, Bavaro, and more are irresistible. The Dominican Republic is also home to several beautiful national parks, including Los Haitises National Park and Jaragua National Park where you can take a guided tour and explore the stunning landscapes and unique ecosystems. A romantic destination we love for newly weds is the 27 Waterfalls located in the Damajagua River and a great photo opportunity for couples. Golf fans will also love it here, as there are many reputable courses that affordable green fees.

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