In a world where swiping and “liking” seem to be the name of the romance game, HomeExchange might be the last place you’d expect to find love. But when you think about it more, it makes a lot of sense.

As you are getting to know someone you tend to look for commonalities to build a dynamic from. Do you like the same books? Is there a movie you both love? With HomeExchange, at least one similarity is already known: travel. We each found our way here for one reason or another, but, in the end, it all comes back to exploring the world and sharing that with others.


Forever friendships from home exchanging

These connections are becoming more and more common as the network of HomeExchange expands. We hear many stories of long lasting friends from around the world. Like Sandra from London and her connections with Jim in Palm Springs, California, Angela in Rome, Italy and Rosalie and Tony in Perth, Australia or Amanda of Long Beach, California and Oliver in Paris, France. These people, of various ages, and walks of life, become not just exchange friends but true friends.

Love made more magical by home swapping

There are times when the existing love is made even more magical through HomeExchange. That is exactly what happened for Sheila and Tom. As they planned their wedding, they were hoping to visit Scotland for their honeymoon. Within a week of joining HomeExchange, they received an offer from a couple in the exact location and time they had hope for. Talk about meant to be.

Chance romantic encounters from house swapping

Or maybe love comes from a chance encounter. Such is the tale of Riemer and Agnes. Though they were both from the same region of The Netherlands, it was only through HomeExchange that they were able to connect. Agnes was living in South Africa and Riemer was still in the Netherlands, yet they both decided to explore Australia. Riemer had reached out for a potential exchange with Agnes in the past but when they discovered they were both visiting Noosa, Australia, they decided it couldn’t be a coincidence. They had dinner and the connection was established. Through modern technology they were able to stay in touch and their connection eventually grew into love.


Ian was looking to make an exchange from Queensland, Australia to Florida and he contacted Margie. Simple and to the point, they fixed a date and exchanged information. As time went by it became so much more. In fact, they ended up getting married. Guess you never know where love may strike.

These members are different but share a connection. Like many of the HomeExchange community, they wanted to be in a real and meaningful relationship.

Travel with HomeExchange