Sunny, warm Australia

While we Europeans are currently trying to cope with the fact that the warm summer months are slipping past us and the gloomy weather of winter is approaching, those on the other side of the world in Australia are only starting – jealous!

In recent years, Australia has become the destination for many migrants, especially students and recent graduates. Australia is full of enriching business and employment opportunities, a world class education system, an amazing lifestyle and not to mention the superb landscape.

So, are you planning to visit your loved ones who have emmigrated to Australia and get a taste of the fantastic lifestyle that they are experiencing daily or simply take a well-earned vacation to the Land Down Under? Australia is well known for its numerous beaches – and amazing ones at that! This week at HomeExchange we have decided to introduce you to the best beaches to visit while on your HomeExchange exchange in Australia.

Bondi Beach, Sydney

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Bondi Beach’s golden sands have become an iconic location in Sydney. Not just a great surf destination, Bondi Beach has plenty more to offer to provide for an action packed or purely relaxing day on the Oz coast. Experience some traditional Australian dishes in one of the many nearby restaurants that line the beach, spend some hours shopping in one of the trendy shopping malls or take a coastal walk and simply enjoy the sand beneath your feet, dip your toes in Australian waters and breathe in the fresh air.

Byron Bay Beaches, Northern New South Wales

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The beaches that stretch between the new Northern South Wales headlands are peaceful and unspoiled. The beaches are undeveloped and not cluttered with high-rise buildings and tourist attractions. Located where the Coral Sea meets the Tasman Sea, these beaches lie on the most easterly point of the mainland and provide shelter from high winds so are the perfect destination.

Burleigh Heads Beach, Gold Coast


The Australian Gold Coast is probably one of the best known things in this country, because, if Australia can do one thing right – it’s its beaches! This is the perfect junction to stop for a pause as you travel along the coast, as it lies between Surfers’ Paradise in the north and Coolangatta in the south. This picturesque beach is always sure to have a protected area where you can swim in calm waters and avoid the choppy waves.

Whitehaven Beach, Whitsunday Island


Whitehaven Beach lies along 7km of the coast of Whitsunday Island off the east coast of Australia. This island is the largest of 74 within its group. If you’re looking for an idyllic and serene destination with clear blue aqua waters and white sandy beaches that stretch for miles – then look no further, this is the place! The island can be accessed easily from the mainland and various cruises provide the perfect mode of transportation for the ultimate relaxation.

Surfers’ Paradise Beach, Queensland


Also located on the popular Gold Coast, the name is all in the title with this one! Surfers’ Paradise sits along 3 km on the Pacific Coast and is probably one of the most famous surfing locations in the world. Lifeguards man the beach all year round and ensure that it is a safe place to swim and take advantage of the surf. Surf’s up here!

Of course, there are many other hugely appealing attributes to the beautiful country of Australia, but you cant go wrong visiting one of these beaches (or one of the many other beaches). These locations provide for everything – you can spend your entire vacation here and never be bored or short of something to do! We hope, on your next holiday, that this has enticed you to visit the Land Down Under, and make a trip that would usually cost a fortune, more affordable by exchanging your home with HomeExchange. 🙂

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