May is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, so we're highlighting some of the awesome Asian travel bloggers no Instagram feed is complete without!

Meet 9 inspiring Asian women who are educating and inspiring on local and global travel, female solo travel, and important global issues.

These travel influencers use their social media platforms to share advice, tips, itineraries, and beautiful pictures that will inspire you to dream. Many also have websites, podcasts, or YouTube channels so you can dive in and plan your next vacation with confidence.

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Melissa @witandfolly

Melissa's Instagram feed is inspiring and full of practical tips and videos about traveling mindfully and with intention. On her website, the Seattle-based travel blogger supplies photography and filmmaking tips, perfect for travelers with a passion for documenting their trips. She has several detailed destination guides and can help guide your travels with her first-hand experience.

Danielle @thewanderlover

Danielle is a social media influencer and international business coach. She combines her passion for travel with her business savvy, showing hundreds of clients how they can design a location-independent lifestyle. Her Instagram feed is flooded with beautiful, inspirational photos that will make you want to travel. Her website and podcast show how it's possible!

"People are taught in society to pursue a safe, traditional, path in life," Danielle writes. "I’m here to tell you to step outside your comfort zone, create your own freedom through entrepreneurship, and design a life you’re obsessed with."

Jasmine @pearlsofjasmine

If you're looking for inspiration from a mommy travel blogger, Jasmine is a must-follow! Based in California, the blogger's website is a wealth of information about west-coast travel and beyond. She shares frankly about her struggle with postpartum depression and the highs and lows of motherhood. "I couldn’t help but think that there was a reason I was put through that darkness and since I was able to survive it, I have more purpose to help other new moms," she writes.

Jasmine also shares family-friendly travel hacks and enjoys a "mix a variety of luxury stays and fine dining in juxtaposition with local hole-in-the-wall gems down to camping in the wild."

Swati and Sam @swati_n_sam

Swati and Sam's blog is one of the top luxury travel and lifestyle blogs in India, and the couple shares their travels with the intention of inspiring people to step out and explore the world. They share luxury travel information, their offbeat location and food finds, restaurant reviews, and travel tips, all aimed at helping travelers plan vacations while holding down a full-time job. Their passion for travel is evident in their content and their website is chock-full of helpful information for fellow travelers.

Millette @thenextsomewhere

Milette's Instagram feed is colorful, eye-catching, and engaging, and will totally get you excited to travel. The Boston-based travel blogger and foodie has been to 50 countries so far and her website has travel guides for almost all of them. Travel tips, where to find the best food, thoughtfully curated travel inspiration comprise her website.

"Travel is at the heart of my story," she writes. "I left The Philippines at the age of two with my parents for a shot at 'The American Dream.' Both my mother and father are explorers in their own right, pursuing overseas work in their earlier years for a chance to broaden horizons. Having two parents who loved to travel but never compromised working hard opened me up to seek out new experiences despite hardship. To this day, traveling with my family is still my favorite thing in the world."

Jojo @travelingpetitegirl

Jojo does a little bit of everything: travel, cooking and photography content, coupled with resources for bloggers looking to grow their online presence. For aspiring travel bloggers, her website is a wealth of information to guide you in the right direction. She's been to 19 countries and shares travel tips about packing, travel photography, and even travel skincare and makeup.

Preethi @peppytravelgirl

Preethi's blog, podcast, and YouTube channel are inspiring for fellow women travelers. The Mumbai-based blogger quit her corporate job to travel and create travel content, and now shares advice on solo travel, seeing the world on a budget, and offbeat travel experiences. Her preferred way to travel is solo, and her Instagram feed is sure to motivate fellow travelers to pursue adventure.  

Cherrie @cherrielynn

San Francisco-based travel blogger Cherrie will keep you supplied with mouthwatering food photos, stunning landscapes, and fun activities in almost any destination you can think of. Her sample itineraries for popular destinations in the US and beyond are an invaluable resource as you plan a vacation. For fashion, food, exotic travels, and everything in between, give Cherrie a follow.

Nellie @wildjunket

A travel writer, blogger, book author, Nellie has visited 143 countries and is a self-proclaimed travel addict. Her mission is to travel to every country in the world, and during the COVID-19 pandemic she purchased a camper that enables her to explore safely. Her travel guides are relevant (check out Which Countries Are Open To Vaccinated Travelers?), entertaining to read, and full of informational content to help you make the most out of your travels.

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