As fun as traveling can be, we can’t deny its impact on the environment. Here at HomeExchange, we care deeply about stopping the harmful effect of climate change caused by the travel industry. To give you an idea of what the average tourist can do to travel sustainably, we put together a list of products that you can use to lower your carbon footprint and enjoy a greener vacation.

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Reusable Water Bottle


This is a popular option for those who want to avoid using and then discarding plastic water bottles, which can be harmful to the environment. Since traveling means that you’re on the go, it may be difficult to grab a cup of water, especially if you are en route to your destination. By bringing your own water bottle that you can refill over and over again, you can reduce the amount of plastic waste you would normally use if you didn’t have it.

Nomadix Travel Towel

If you’re traveling and planning on bringing your own towels, why not support a brand committed to recycling and sustainability? Nomadix is a towel company committed to creating eco-friendly towels made from recycled plastic water bottles. Their lightweight travel towels are great to use while hiking, camping, or on the go. These towels are easy to pack and a great addition to your suitcase.

GoSun SolarFlex 10 Phone Charger

When traveling, it’s essential to keep a portable phone charger with you in case you run out of battery. If you’re looking to save energy, then getting a solar charger is a great way to be environmentally conscious and be able to keep your phone charged even if you’re not near an outlet. It’s a great tool to have on hand, whether you’re hiking, camping, or simply looking for a greener way to charge your phone.

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Scrubba wash bag

If you’re wondering how to keep your clothes clean while on the go, the Scrubba wash bag is a great way to conserve water and electricity while making washing clothes simple. Based on the idea of washboards, this easy-to-transport product has an internal washboard inside of the bag. Users simply need to put their clothes in, add water and cleaning liquid, deflate the bag, and rub the clothes against the washboard, empty the water, give it one more rinse, and then hang the clothes to dry. It uses less energy and water than your average washing machine while also being a convenient way to keep your clothes clean when you’re traveling and don’t have access to a place where you can do laundry. This is definitely a must-have for your next vacation!

Refillable Toiletry Bottles


While purchasing travel-sized soaps, conditioners, lotions, and other necessities is convenient, it can create a lot of waste that can end up in landfills. Especially because once they’re empty, the products usually thrown away rather than used over and over again. By having some refillable toiletry bottles on hand, you can use them repeatedly while lowering the amount of plastic waste that would just go in landfills. Plus, they can usually carry more fluid ounces than the ones you get at the store, so you can bring more necessities with you.



Home swapping is a great way to travel sustainably, since you would not be supporting hotels or expensive resorts that could be disrupting the local economy, environment, or even flora and fauna. The concept is simple: Instead of staying in a hotel or in a short term rental, you and another member of HomeExchange connect and swap homes. You would then stay in another member’s home and they would stay in yours if they were interested in visiting your region. Alternatively, you could use GuestPoints if you wanted to arrange a non-simultaneous exchange, where you give a member GuestPoints to stay in their homes, which they can then use to stay in another member’s home rather than directly swapping with you. By using homes that already exist, you’re better able to have a sustainable vacation and are supporting a greener way to travel.

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At HomeExchange, we strive to make travel both more accessible for all and better for the environment. As a certified B Corporation, HomeExchange is constantly looking for ways to help our members travel more sustainably. With these products, you’ve already been given some of the tools to become a greener tourist. Bon voyage!